Berserk of Gluttony (Light Novel) Vol. 5

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27 janvier 2022|
Berserk of Gluttony (Light Novel) Vol. 5 de Isshiki Ichika


Myne's disappearance has left Fate reeling, but as the new head of the Barbatos family, he must be strong. At first he's focused on reforging a bond with his former tormenter and new sister, Memil. Then a grim encounter critically endangers Roxy's soul, and Fate must find a way to protect her before his Gluttony devours her once and for all. But as he searches, unexpected answers to old mysteries begin to emerge--and the truths Fate uncovers about his own heritage prove as dangerous and strange as they are difficult to swallow.

Titre :Berserk of Gluttony (Light Novel) Vol. 5
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :27 janvier 2022
Publié par :Seven Seas Entertainment
Langue :anglais
Convient aux âges :Tous les âges
ISBN - 13 :9781685790813

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