[Bundle] Sons of the Desert 2: Harlequin Comics

deAlexandra SellersIllustrateurMisao Hoshiai

31 décembre 2015|
[Bundle] Sons of the Desert 2: Harlequin Comics de Alexandra Sellers
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This bundle contains: "BRIDE OF THE SHEIKH", " SHEIKH'S WOMAN", and "THE PLAYBOY SHEIKH". Alinor is getting ready to marry the diplomat Gabriel in an attempt to run from her past. But just when the priest asks if anyone objects to the union, a man’s powerful voice shatters the silence. “This marriage isn’t valid!” The voice is unforgettable. It’s the voice of the Prince of Parvan, Alinor’s ex-husband, Kavian. Why is he here…? Didn’t he divorce her? Nevertheless, Kavian carries her away from the church by force!
Titre :[Bundle] Sons of the Desert 2: Harlequin ComicsFormat :livre numérique KoboPublié le :31 décembre 2015Publié par :Harlequin / SB Creative Corp.Langue :anglais

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