Crimes of Winter

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8 octobre 2019|
Crimes of Winter de Philippe Georget


The third Inspector Sebag mystery “dives deeper into character than most traditional detective yarns and is written with wit, poignancy, and panache” (Kirkus Reviews).

Crime, suspense, and marital woes combine in this atmospheric procedural set in the seemingly quiet Mediterranean town of Perpignan.

This winter is going to be a rough one for Insp. Gilles Sebag, for he has discovered a terrible truth: his wife has been cheating on him. Bouncing between depression, whisky, and insomnia, he buries himself in work in an attempt to forget.

But his investigations lead him inexorably to bigger tragedies—a woman murdered in a hotel, a depressed man who throws himself from the roof of his building, another who threatens to blow up the neighborhood—all of them involving betrayals of some sort. Perpignan seems to be suffering from a veritable epidemic of crimes of passion. Adultery is everywhere—and each betrayal leads to another dramatic crime.

“Vivid and atmospheric . . . A thoughtful, almost lyrical approach to crime fiction, which will appeal to anyone who also liked In Her Wake, The Dying Detective or The Bird Tribunal. Its seasonal themes are also reminiscent of Johan Theorin’s Oland quartet, set at a Swedish resort.” —Crime Fiction Lover

“The most ambitious thematically. In it, Georget takes the stuff of existential novels and folds it into the crime genre’s formula.” —Los Angeles Review of Books

“Engaging . . . The resolution is multilayered and satisfying.” —Publishers Weekly

“Fans of French settings will enjoy venturing outside of Paris, and the year-end holiday provides an additional measure of atmosphere to the crimes and solutions here.” —Library Journal

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