Deadly Kiss

27 août 2016|
Deadly Kiss
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During the summer of 1946, a group of children play a kissing game behind a general store in rural Georgia. It’s just kids having fun, until one innocent kiss leads to the brutal beating death of a ten-year-old boy. The horrific hate crime shakes an entire town. It spawns a series of murders, and a secret that is hidden for generations.

Mike Latta follows the story back into the heat and humidity of a sixty-five-year-old Georgia summer, back to dirt roads, wooden bridges, and muddy-water fishing holes, back to a single kiss that has killed, and killed again. It’s a kiss that has slept for decades, but now it’s awake. Learning its secret may cost Mike his life.

Fiction inspired by the real life Emmett Till murder, Deadly Kiss is the story of loves that won’t stay lost and ghosts that just won’t sleep.

Titre :Deadly Kiss
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :27 août 2016
Publié par :Black Opal Books
Langue :anglais
Convient aux âges :Tous les âges
ISBN - 13 :9781626945142

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