Friends with Benefits: Lucy and Arthur - 3 (Season 2)

deEva M. Bennett

22 juillet 2015|
Friends with Benefits: Lucy and Arthur - 3 (Season 2) de Eva M. Bennett


Lucy sees her life pass before her eyes... Her internship in London, Chloe and Alistair’s engagement, her photo shoot for Vogue, her relationship with Arthur, his suggestion that she stay with him in New York. Are all her dreams going to go up in smoke? Because of this man who is hurt and alone, but above all paranoid and armed with a knife?Since the pretty English girl met Arthur, the billionaire graffiti artist, her life has been like that of the heroine in a fairy tale. But in this abandoned building, two hours’ drive from the city, nothing is certain... Will Arthur get there in time to save his princess?By the author of Friends with Benefits the series that has already sold tens of thousands of copies around the world!***Eva Mary Bennett was born in 1989 in New York. Her English mother is an opera singer and her American father was a rocker in his time. After excelling in communication and literary studies, she became a freelance journalist and works for a range of celebrity magazines. Following the success of her series Friends with Benefits, this is her spin-off series, Friends with Benefits: Lucy and Arthur.Friends with Benefits: Lucy and Arthur - volume 3 of 3
Titre :Friends with Benefits: Lucy and Arthur - 3 (Season 2)
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :22 juillet 2015
Publié par :Addictive Publishing
Langue :anglais
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