Friends with Benefits, or more? - Part 3

deEva M. Bennett

20 juin 2014|
Friends with Benefits, or more? - Part 3 de Eva M. Bennett


Friends with Benefits, or more? is the last part of the Friends with Benefits trilogy, the new romance by Eva M. Bennett.- TOP 10 Apple eBook store bestseller- TOP 100 bestseller- TOP10 bestseller***“The tears start welling up in my eyes. If anything happens to Alistair, if he is hurt, or worse… Terrible thoughts run rampant through my mind.At first I thought we were just sex friends, but he is so much more than that now, of course. He is the man I love, and he loves me back. We have even said the words ‘I love you.’”***Alistair has traced his lost brother. He thinks his problems are solved, but he doesn’t realize that he is throwing himself into the claws of a dangerous criminal. Chloé doesn’t hesitate for a second: she has to save her lover. The girl who thought she would never get attached realizes how wrong she was, and she is afraid she might regret it...Especially as before long, she will face an offer that she will struggle to refuse… unless fate has more of its tricks in store for her, and her dream is about to crumble before her eyes? Will love triumph over danger and disillusionment?***Eva Mary Bennett was born in 1989 in New York. Her mother is an English opera singer, and her American father was once a rocker. After excelling in communication and literary studies, she became a freelance journalist, and works for numerous popular magazines. The Friends with Benefits series is her first fictional work.***Each volume of the trilogy contains about 32.500-30.000 words, approximately equivalent to a 90-page novel.Part 1: Friends with Benefits, if you darePart 2: Friend with Benefits, only?Part 3: Friends with Benefits, or more?
Titre :Friends with Benefits, or more? - Part 3
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Publié le :20 juin 2014
Publié par :Addictive Publishing
Langue :anglais
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