Godfrey's Crusade: the Griffin Legends

deMark Howard

23 juillet 2021|
Godfrey's Crusade: the Griffin Legends de Mark Howard


Godfrey's Crusade is the first installment of the Griffin Legends series. It's a fantasy novel with a 106,035 word count. It has a mixture of martial and religious themes; we're going on a crusade here after all if the title didn't give it away, it has a carefully chosen combination of fantasy and real historical elements, its plot structure is increasingly complex throughout; at no point can any of the major characters simply return to status quo without enormous consequences; and it has powerful inciting incidents and pinch points, conflict points of course, leading to a definitive resolution and conclusion.

Here's the plot. A crusade is called to aid the Kingdom of Azgald in the distant Nordslands, and the young idealistic knight Godfrey does not hesitate to volunteer. Yet Godfrey soon learns that the greatest threat to the expedition's success is not the savage clans under High Warlord Alvir and the Great Witch of the North, Nera, or the orcs and cyclopes that fight beside the clans, but the rivalries among the crusaders themselves. Can Godfrey interpret the vision granted to him by the gods and unite the crusaders with his holy blade? Will his love, Madeline, be able to keep her magical powers hidden from suspicious priests and opportunistic lords? Will they be able to stop Nera and Alvir from unleashing an ancient evil upon Azgald, or will Godfrey and his friends all meet a bitter end in the frigid Nordslands?

Titre :Godfrey's Crusade: the Griffin Legends
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :23 juillet 2021
Publié par :​Mark Howard
Langue :anglais
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