Heart of the Raincoast: A Life Story: A Life Story

1 mai 1998|
Heart of the Raincoast: A Life Story: A Life Story de Alexandra Morton,Billy Proctor


Billy Proctor has spent his life doing the time-honoured work of generations of upcoast men-handlogging, fishing, clam digging, repairing boats, beachcombing. Then Billy began to see that the coast he loved was dying around him. The thriving runs of Pacific salmon, oolichans and herring that he could remember from his early years were vanishing-some to near extinction-and he understood that it was time to give something back. Heart of the Raincoast is the story of Billy Proctor's life, and the life of the coast he knows so well, once so rich, now so threatened. The writing is funny, touching and honest-and offers an engaging insider's view of the salmon, whales, eagles and independent people on Canada's wild and lovely raincoast. Stories are what you need to hear. Stories about people who have spent a lifetime living and working with nature. We owe a debt of thanks to Alexandra Morton, who vividly introduces us to this man-Billy Proctor has much to tell us with his life and words. -Robert Bateman

Titre :Heart of the Raincoast: A Life Story: A Life Story
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :1 mai 1998
Publié par :TouchWood Editions
Langue :anglais
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ISBN - 13 :9781926971223

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