How To Succeed With Business Networking and Social Media

9 mai 2015|
How To Succeed With Business Networking and Social Media


If you are in business, you cannot survive without adequate cash flow. You cannot have cash flow without sales, and before you can have sales, you need to market yourself and your product or service. Increasingly, social networking is the way you do that.
People need to know you and what it is you have to offer. It does not matter if you are selling goods or services person-to-person or to large organizations. The person doing the buying wants to know the reputation of the person doing the selling. It is a simple matter of trust. The best way to get to that level of trust is by building business relationships through networking, either online or off.
Everyone has been told that networking is important. It is so important that if you pursue networking properly, it’s the only marketing system you will probably ever need. This book will teach you all the proper steps to build a broad and robust business base of friends and business associates.
For many shy or introverted people, however, networking is an uncomfortable and seemingly unproductive practice.
It is estimated that more than half the people in the United States describe themselves as shy or introverted. In fact, studies have shown that the smarter you are, the greater the chances you are introverted. Mensa clubs for people with very high IQs have at least three quarters of their members in this category. So, if you are smart enough to be reading this, chances are good this is directed at you.
Introversion is the primary reason that people do not succeed in networking. When you talk with them, you will hear things like
- “Networking just doesn’t work for me,” or
- “I don’t meet the kind of people I need at networking events,” or
- “I hate just standing around making small talk.”
So included here are several steps that may help the shy or introverted among us succeed at networking where before they failed.

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