INKED: The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Closing And Sales Negotiation Tactics That Unlock Yes And Seal The D

deJeb Blount

15 janvier 2020|
INKED: The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Closing And Sales Negotiation Tactics That Unlock Yes And Seal The D de Jeb Blount
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Learn powerful closing and sales negotiation tactics that unlock yes and seal the deal.  

Each year, sales professionals leave billions of dollars on the table because they are out gunned, out maneuvered, and out played by savvy buyers, who have been schooled in the art and science of negotiation.

Because today’s buyers have more power than ever before—more information, more at stake, and more control over the buying process—they almost always enter sales negotiations in a much stronger position than the salespeople on the other side of the table. The results are sadly predictable: salespeople and their companies end up on the losing end of the deal.

In this brutal paradigm, if you fail to master the skills, strategies, and tactics to go toe-to-toe with modern buyers and win at the sales negotiation table, your income and long-term earning potential will suffer—along with your company’s growth, profits, and market valuation.  

In his new book INKED: The Ultimate Guide to Powerful Closing and Sales Negotiation Tactics that Unlock YES and Seal the Deal, Jeb Blount levels the playing field by giving you the strategies, tactics, techniques, skills, and human-influence frameworks required to become a powerful and effective sales negotiator. 

In his signature, straightforward style, Jeb pulls no punches. He slaps you right in the face with the cold, hard truth and lays bare the reasons why you keep getting beaten by buyers who have been trained in how to play you. Then, he teaches you exactly what you need to know, do, and say to gain more control and more power over the outcomes of your deals, and WIN.

You’ll learn:

  • Seven Immutable Rules of Sales Negotiation
  • Why “Win-Win” Usually Means “You-Lose”
  • The One Rule of Sales Negotiation You Must Never Break
  • How to Leverage the Powerful MLP Strategy to Bend Win Probability in Your Favor
  • The ACED Buyer Persona Model and How to Flex to Buyer Communication Styles
  • Seven Principles of Effective Sales Negotiation Communication
  • How to Leverage the DEAL Sales Negotiation Framework to Control the Negotiation Conversation and Get Ink
  • How to Gain the Advantage with Comprehensive Sales Negotiation Planning Strategies and Tools
  • Powerful Negotiation Psychology and Influence Frameworks that Keep You in Control of the Conversation
  • How to Rise Above the Seven Disruptive Emotions that are Holding You Back at the Sales Negotiation Table 
  • How to Protect Yourself from the Psychological Games that Buyers Play

With these powerful tactics in your sales arsenal, you will approach sales negotiations with the confidence and power to take control of the conversation and get the prices, terms, and conditions that you deserve.

INKED is the most comprehensive Sales Negotiation resource ever developed for the sales profession. Unlike so many other negotiating books that ignore the reality sellers face in the rapid-fire, real world of the sales profession, INKED is a sales-specific negotiation primer.

You’ll learn directly from one of the most sought-after and celebrated sales trainers of our generation. Following in the footsteps of his blockbuster bestsellers Fanatical Prospecting, Sales EQ, and Objections, Jeb Blount''s INKED puts the same strategies employed by his clients—a who’s who of the world’s most prestigious organizations—right into your hands.

JEB BLOUNT is an acclaimed thought leader on sales, leadership, and customer experience—affectionately called the "hardest working man in sales." He is an international bestselling author of eleven books, including Fanatical Prospecting, Sales EQ, and Objections. Through his global training and consulting organization Sale...
Titre :INKED: The Ultimate Guide To Powerful Closing And Sales Negotiation Tactics That Unlock Yes And Seal The D
Format :Couverture rigide
Dimensions de l'article :336 pages, 8.6 X 5.5 X 1.3 po
Dimensions à l'expédition :336 pages, 8.6 X 5.5 X 1.3 po
Publié le :15 janvier 2020
Publié par :Wiley
Langue :anglais
Convient aux âges :Tous les âges
ISBN - 13 :9781119540519

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