Into the Shadows de Beatrice Delrow

Into the Shadows

deBeatrice Delrow

livre numérique Kobo | 15 décembre 2016 | Anglais

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Seventeen-year-old Anya Kane can never forget the night her mother died. No—the night a green-eyed man with a scar on his left eye killed her mother. But believe it or not, she’s learned to live with it…to live with her pain. She’s even learned to be happy.

Cue in a mesmerizing boy named Chase. The day he shows up at her prestigious school is the day everything changes. An international terrorist group called The Syndicate tries to take her, and the man they send after her…is the man who killed her mother. Barely escaping the attempt, Anya is left with nothing but bruises, questions, and a temporary form of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder).

After discovering that Chase is with the CIA, and learning a shocking truth about her parents, she agrees to go back to her normal life as a student in order to draw out The Syndicate, but she must deal with the anxiety and flashbacks caused by her PTSD. Anya will have to overcome every single one of her fears if she wants to find out why she’s being hunted and why her mother really died. Will she find answers? Will they be the answers she expects?

Titre :Into the ShadowsFormat :livre numérique KoboPublié le :15 décembre 2016Publié par, Inc.Langue :Anglais

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