Laminitis: understanding, cure, prevention de Remco SikkelLaminitis: understanding, cure, prevention de Remco Sikkel

Laminitis: understanding, cure, prevention

deRemco SikkelTraduit parHeleen Davies

Couverture souple | 28 mars 2016 | Anglais

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Laminitis. Too many horse owners are confronted with this disease one day. And when it happens to your horse, pony or donkey you will feel completely desperate to find him in so much pain. He is unable to walk. You will want nothing more but to help.

Quick intervention can prevent a lot of suffering. This book explains precisely and comprehensively what happens in the horse’s body, both just before and during laminitis. The latest scientific findings with regards to sugars, hormones, medications, underlying diseases such as PPID (Cushing), treatment methods, toxins and stress all are extensively discussed. So too is the critical importance of good nutrition, housing, exercise and correct hoof care.

This book offers practical solutions and simple preventive measures. The emphasis is on the very important role you play as the horse’s owner. In short, after reading this book you will know how to help your beloved horse to recover and remain healthy.

Additionally ‘Laminitis: understanding, cure, prevention’ is a valuable resource for both veterinarians and hoof care providers. Unfortunately many equine professionals often lack knowledge on this complex issue and laminitis is diagnosed too late or not even recognised at all. The commonly used treatments often prove ineffective because they are based on outdated ideas and theories, or because the focus is too much on the hooves only. This book aims to change that, bringing effective solutions through bringing the focus back on the whole horse.

‘Laminitis: understanding, cure, prevention’ is an absolute must have for everyone who works with or cares for a laminitis prone horse, pony or donkey.

Remco Sikkel (1970) has been an equine laminitis expert and hoof care specialist both in the Netherlands and France since 2001. The original Dutch edition of this book is a resounding success in the Netherlands and? Belgium.
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IntroductionLaminitisSymptom controlSystemic diseaseUnnatural living conditionsSome factsHistory FiguresDomestication and laminitishoof anatomy and histologyDefinitions and properties Coffin bone and its tendons Dermis Hoof cartilages Digital cushion Hoof capsule Nerves Hoof vasculature DefinitionThe three phases of laminitis Developmental phase Acute phase Chronic phase Clinical Signs Acute phase Chronic phase Theories and causesTheories Circulation theory Enzyme theory Inflammation theory Metabolism and hormone theory Trauma theory Causes Digestive problems Circulatory problems Toxins Hormonal problems Glucose problems Stress Hyperlipidaemia Tick-borne diseases Genetic abnormalities DiagnosisGeneral Diagnosis History of the horse Determination of clinical signs Physical examination Medical imaging Radiography Venography Thermography Differential diagnosis Blood test Local anaesthesia Treatment and preventionGeneral Treatment First aid Trimming a laminitic hoof Treating complications Abscesses White line disease Infection Frog infection Sepsis Detoxification Weight management Weight loss Hoof protection Therapeutic shoeing Hoof boots Hoof casting Movement and exercise Surgery Tenotomy and desmotomy Hoof wall resection Coronary band resection Stem cell transplant Bloodletting Maggot therapy Leech therapy Complementary therapies Acupuncture, acupressure, shiatsu Massage Essential oils Phytotherapy Supplements, hormones and remedies Supplements Hormones Curative remedies Preventive remedies Prevention Living conditionsDirection instead of goal Nutrition and pasture management Digestive process Unnatural diet and feeding patterns Possible improvements Nsc prevention Housing Social interaction DonkeysPhysiological differences Pathophysiological differences Behaviour Hooves Nutrition Drugs


This is the best book I've ever seen on Laminitis. Not only is it very easy to read (not written in a scientific jargon) but the information is laid out in a progressive order. The short paragraphs and dot point lists help when scanning for information and there are lots of clear diagrams and photos. I highly recommend this book for all horse owners, hoof trimmers, farriers and even vets so they know all the latest treatment options and ways to prevent this most common disease of equines.(Natural Horse World)