Metaheuristics for Medicine and Biology

21 avril 2017|
Metaheuristics for Medicine and Biology


This book highlights recent research on metaheuristics for biomedical engineering, addressing both theoretical and applications aspects. Given the multidisciplinary nature of bio-medical image analysis, it has now become one of the most central topics in computer science, computer engineering and electrical and electronic engineering, and attracted the interest of many researchers.

To deal with these problems, many traditional and recent methods, algorithms and techniques have been proposed. Among them, metaheuristics is the most common choice. This book provides essential content for senior and young researchers interested in methodologies for implementing metaheuristics to help solve biomedical engineering problems.

Titre :Metaheuristics for Medicine and Biology
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :21 avril 2017
Publié par :Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Langue :anglais
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ISBN - 13 :9783662544280

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