Moongazing: Beginner’s guide to exploring the Moon

1 novembre 2018|
Moongazing: Beginner’s guide to exploring the Moon de Royal Observatory Greenwich
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An in-depth guide for aspiring astronomers and Moon observers. Includes detailed Moon maps and covers the history of lunar observation and exploration, the properties of the Moon, its origin and orbit. Optimised for colour tablets, the images in this ebook are not best-suited for viewing on black and white devices. This is the ideal book for Moon observers covering essential equipment, and the key events to look out for. Detailed advice is given on how to choose a telescope and how to capture the Moon in sketches. Discover all you need to know about eclipses, blue moons, supermoons, conjunctions and occultations. A comprehensive section covers astrophotography using lenses, telescopes, Smartphones, including video and how to process your images. Comes with a photographic atlas of lunar features with plates and annotated maps. A glossary of key terms, index of lunar features and software references are also provided.

Titre :Moongazing: Beginner’s guide to exploring the Moon
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :1 novembre 2018
Publié par :HarperCollins Publishers
Langue :anglais
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ISBN - 13 :9780008313920

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