Night Harbour de Alexei Cyren

Night Harbour

deAlexei Cyren

livre numérique Kobo | 13 octobre 2013 | Anglais

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Ariel Blake is a Siren agent out for revenge against her mother’s killers and one of the government’s most merciless operatives.  She is charged with investigating a high profile, armed robbery of a Shiro Express courier.  The trail leads to the ruthless genius Gilead Hightower and the Black Phoenix, the terrorists responsible for her mom’s death.  Both are after a black ops government project so secret no one, not even the government itself, even realized it existed… until now.

She has to stop the Black Phoenix from getting powerful new technology but she has to find it first.  Only Gilead Hightower has the answers and he isn’t talking.  Rake Ashcor, one of the deadliest assassins in the star system with over a thousand kills to his name, has been hired by the Phoenix to get the technology and silence Gilead for good.  

When Ariel’s friends get trapped in a virtual world that can kill, she has a tough choice to make: is finding the location of the black ops project worth her life and the lives of her friends or will she let the Black Phoenix get what they want?  If Rake and the Phoenix succeed, the System Alliance could be torn apart.  

How far will she go for vengeance?

Solid State Shadow:  Night Harbour is part of an action packed sci-fi space opera that is inspired by Mass Effect, Star Wars, Judge Dredd, Die Hard, Continuum and Blade Runner.  Adventure, romance, revenge, mecha, paranormal powers and intrigue fill the pages of this new saga.  If you’re looking for nearly non-stop, blood-pumping excitement you’ll want to start here!

Night Harbour is Book One of the Solid State Sigma Series. 

Titre :Night HarbourFormat :livre numérique KoboPublié le :13 octobre 2013Publié par :Alexei CyrenLangue :Anglais

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