Jane Eyre (Seasons Edition -- Summer)

30 juin 2020|
Jane Eyre (Seasons Edition -- Summer) de Charlotte Bronte
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A fine exclusive edition of one of literature’s most beloved stories with full page call-outs with quotes from summer.

It was quiet at the other end of the house; but I knew my way; and the light of the unclouded summer moon, entering here and there at passage windows, enabled me to find it without difficulty.

Throughout the hardships of her childhood, Jane Eyre clings to a sense of self-worth, despite the maltreatment from those close to her. At the age of eighteen, sick of her narrow existence, Jane seeks work as a governess. The monotony of her new life at Thornfield Hall is derailed by the arrival of her peculiar and volatile employer, Mr. Rochester.

A flagship of Victorian fiction, Jane Eyre intrigues readers through the vigorous courage of Jane's voice, a forceful depiction of childhood injustice, an unflinching examination of the restraints placed upon women, and a worthy exploration into the complexities of both faith and passion.

Jane Eyre (Seasons Edition--Summer) is one of four titles available in June 2020. The summer season also will include The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Persuasion, and The Wonderland Collection.

Titre :Jane Eyre (Seasons Edition -- Summer)
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :30 juin 2020
Publié par :Thomas Nelson
Langue :anglais
Convient aux âges :Tous les âges
ISBN - 13 :9780785239475

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