Responsible and Smart Land Management Interventions: An African Context

ÉditeurWalter Timo de Vries

17 juillet 2020|
Responsible and Smart Land Management Interventions: An African Context de Walter Timo de Vries


This book showcases new empirical findings on the conceptualization, design, and evaluation of land management interventions and addresses two crucial aspects: how and under which conditions such interventions are responsible, and how such interventions can be supported by smart technologies. Responsible and Smart Land Management Interventions is for all types of actors in land management. Although primarily based on cases from Africa, it addresses land management issues from practical and theoretical perspectives relevant for land managers worldwide. It brings the discourse up to date and helps all practitioners designing new policies and those looking for new instruments to do so.

Aimed at land academics, including students, teachers, and researchers, as well as practitioners, including those working within international organizations, donor organizations, NGOs, and land independent consultants, this book

  • Delivers innovative methodologies for land management for professionals involved in land administration projects
  • Explores land management from a geodetic and spatial planning perspective
  • Includes real cases, empirical data, and analysis in contemporary and alternative land management developments in Africa
  • Addresses important land issues which contribute to national development and achieving United Nations' SDGs
  • Discusses contemporary research findings related to societal needs in land administration which are equally valid for non-African contexts
  • Acts as a new teaching resource for land management and land administration courses, and land-related disciplines in geodesy, human geography, development studies, and environmental planning
Titre :Responsible and Smart Land Management Interventions: An African Context
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :17 juillet 2020
Publié par :CRC Press
Langue :anglais
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ISBN - 13 :9781000072532

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