Steel Corrosion and Degradation of its Mechanical Properties

deChun-Qing Li

20 septembre 2021|
Steel Corrosion and Degradation of its Mechanical Properties de Chun-Qing Li


This book presents the state-of-the-art-knowledge on corrosion of steel, cast iron and ductile iron with a focus on corrosion-induced degradation of their mechanical properties. The information presented in the book is largely derived from the most current research on the effect of corrosion on degradation of mechanical properties. The book covers the basics of steel corrosion, including that of cast iron and ductile iron, that are not well covered in most literature. Models for corrosion-induced degradation of mechanical properties are presented in the book with a view to wider applications. The knowledge presented in the book can be used to prevent corrosion-induced failures of corrosion-affected structures, offering enormous benefits to the industry, business, society and community.

Key strengths of the book are that it can be employed by a variety of users for different purposes in designing and assessing corrosion-affected structures, and that the knowledge and techniques presented in the book can be easily applied by users in dealing with corrosion-affected structures, and the uniqueness in examining the corrosion effect on degradation of various mechanical properties.

Wtih examples of practical applications, the book is particularly useful for all stakeholders involved in steel manufacturing and construction, including engineering students, academicians, researchers, practitioners and asset managers.

Titre :Steel Corrosion and Degradation of its Mechanical Properties
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :20 septembre 2021
Publié par :CRC Press
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