On the Potter's Wheel

deValerie Limmer

26 décembre 2017|
On the Potter's Wheel de Valerie Limmer


When God asked Valerie Limmer to go to Japan, she jumped at the chance to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a missionary. But obstacle upon obstacle blocked her path. Just after arriving, she encountered a debilitating injury that plunged her into a world where God seemed to delight in toying with her shattered dreams and broken heart.

Valerie offers a raw look at love, suffering, betrayal, and broken faith. Her true story about God's sustaining grace and victory will encourage you to go deeper in your faith and intimacy with God, and challenge you to live the life you were meant to live.


On the Potter's Wheel is a stimulating and inspiring read. Valerie challenges us to reflect differently on time. It is not simply a commodity to be managed and maximized, but rather a moment-to-moment opportunity to hang out with our Jesus. Meanwhile, we wait with delight-filled anticipation, as the beloved children that we are, for what he has planned for us.
---Dr. Marion Goertz, Director of the Family Life Centre,
Tyndale University College and Seminary

We often think of love as tender, romantic, sentimental. Yet love is one of the qualities that is foundational to the character of God---and to our understanding of the fatherhood of our God. As Valerie shares with a humble and intimate honesty, He demonstrates His love in ways that often confound and confuse us, trouble and torment us, as well as surprise and satisfy us. Even when we are being tempered in a forge of affliction and isolation, He shows us the simple truth that His ways and thoughts are higher and greater than ours. That His love and faithfulness is inscrutable, and that overarching all of this, He is perfectly worthy. Yes, He is worth it all.
---Pastor Emmanuel Palisoc,
Scarborough Community Alliance Church

Titre :On the Potter's Wheel
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