Race the Time de Vidya Gopaul

Race the Time

deVidya Gopaul

livre numérique Kobo | 13 juillet 2015 | Anglais

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This novel, RACE THE TIME that I have written is first of a kind. Its about a man who while trying to locate his birth father ended up marrying his own sister because his father was the same father of the girl he was marrying. It so happened because his father deserted his mother when she was pregnant and married to another woman who then gave birth to a baby girl. Since the man lived in one country and the girl lived in another country when they met they did not know that they had the same father. Eventually, on their wedding day they found out that both had the same father. But it was too late because many unethical acts had been committed between them. What inspired me to write this novel is that such true story has taken place in many occasions in this country and in many others, and has been kept in the background. The families who have been affected by it have been devastated morally. Moreover, the idea of writing this book also came to my mind while I participated in a bioethical course in my undergraduate programs at university. I believe that such true story will keep occurring as long as there will be divorces, family break-ups, unwanted pregnancies, sex freedom, artificial insemination and many other methods of artificially conceiving babies. I also believe that once this novel is in the market, many people will become aware of such story and perhaps will educate them. As a result, it may help prevent further occurrence of similar incidents.

Titre :Race the TimeFormat :livre numérique KoboPublié le :13 juillet 2015Publié par :Xlibris USLangue :Anglais

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