Rural Teacher Education: Connecting Land and People

ÉditeurMichael Corbett

16 février 2020|
Rural Teacher Education: Connecting Land and People de Michael Corbett


This book examines challenges associated with the education of teachers in and for rural places. It offers a new perspective with respect to how Canadian educators are shifting the conversation toward a hopeful discourse concerning how educators can foster meaningful rural learning environments, which will contribute to building stronger rural communities and regions. A central focus of the book is emerging reconceptualization of education, place and indigeneity in Canadian education in the wake of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission

Though the challenge of addressing rural teaching and learning lies partly in the nuances and complexities of unique places, there are also common threads that affect virtually all communities in rural, regional and remote educational, cultural, economic, and social geographies. Chapters in this collection provide current research in Canadian rural education including examples and stories from the field – contributed by teachers, administrators, and superintendents – on the challenges and creative opportunities that they have discovered in their own rural context, giving hope and inspiration for what is possible.

The book will appeal to all readers interested in rural education and teacher education, as well as to those concerned with educational inequality and indigenous education.

Titre :Rural Teacher Education: Connecting Land and People
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Publié le :16 février 2020
Publié par :Springer Singapore
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