Summary of Jeanine Cummins's A Rip in Heaven

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22 avril 2022|
Summary of Jeanine Cummins's A Rip in Heaven de Everest Media


Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 The six cousins were unusually quiet as they ate their dinner. They were sharing a faint, unspoken melancholy at the thought of their imminent parting. They all knew that in twelve hours, the Cummins siblings would be packed into their parents’ van and rolling eastward back to Washington, D. C. #2 The six cousins spent their last night together playing games in the game room. They were all very close, and they all admired and loved each other. #3 The six companions laughed and played in the dusky evening with a wantonness that teenagers rarely feel comfortable exhibiting. They were about to part company, and they all wanted to keep their last vestiges of childhood. So they brought their merriment to an end when Gene opened the door and appeared on the front step. #4 The Cummins family was the perfect example of how not to plan a prank. Tink, the dreamer, was the center forward on her hockey and soccer teams, always seeking the spotlight and usually getting it. Kathy was the shyer and more sarcastic but braver character.

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