Summary of Marty Makary, MD's The Price We Pay

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30 mai 2022|
Summary of Marty Makary, MD's The Price We Pay de Everest Media


Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 A growing trend in the United States is doctors doing unnecessary vascular procedures on unsuspecting patients. These procedures include ballooning, stenting, and even lasering harmless plaques in leg arteries. #2 The event reminded me that health screening can be a powerful tool to detect disease and prevent tragedy, but it can also be a business model to recruit patients for treatments they don’t need. #3 The practice of doing unnecessary procedures on leg vessels is widespread in the medical community. I had become aware of this through conversations I’d had with my friend Jim Black, the chief of vascular surgery at Hopkins. #4 Doctors are very good at nudging patients, and they know the words that will get their attention. For example, if an orthopedic surgeon is helping a patient decide between a knee replacement and a nonsurgical option, he may mention the joint is bone on bone.

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