SURVIVOR: USS Russell a World War Two Destroyer

deBarry Friedman

9 mai 2015|
SURVIVOR: USS Russell a World War Two Destroyer de Barry Friedman


Through six grueling years of warfare, USS Russell and her gallant crew pitted their prowess against a determined enemy.
From the pre-Pearl Harbor Battle of the Atlantic to the campaigns in the Pacific, She was home to warriors who fought off attacks by submarines, planes and ships. She saw them through sixteen major engagements of World War Two including the Battles of Coral Sea, Java, Midway, Savo Island, Santa Cruz, and Guadalcanal She supported the land forces through the invasions of Tarawa, Kwajelein, and the New Guinea operations. She was part of General MacArthur’s return to the Philippines at Leyte and Lingayen Gulf. She protected Allied troops during the invasion and occupation of Okinawa.
More than 1,200 survivors of bombed and torpedoed ships and crashed planes were pulled aboard her deck.
And she brought the men who manned her armament and her engines back home alive.
Russell survived the bloody conflict of the Second World War.
This is her story.
She was a SURVIVOR.

About the Author
Barry Friedman served as Medical Officer aboard USS Russell from 1943 to 1945. He practiced Orthopaedic Surgery for more than 40 years. Since his retirement he has published 10 novels and 2 nonfiction books. He and his wife live in Southern California.

Titre :SURVIVOR: USS Russell a World War Two Destroyer
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Publié le :9 mai 2015
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