The Arrangement de K. Lyn

The Arrangement

deK. Lyn

livre numérique Kobo | 14 février 2017 | Anglais

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He was the Boss and he never let her forget it!


Tony met Sonja at a club by chance… well, by sleeping with him and making a deal between the sheets.  Now they have an arrangement.  Sonja schedules Tony’s clients, and Tony services those clients…  Lust, rich women, and men willing to do anything to take him down are abundant in Tony’s world, but not love… not for Tony.  His private and work life are two separate entities, and he intends to keep them that way, but can he… really?



Tony opened the door and entered with a confident air.  It wasn’t something he hadn’t done before, so there was no need to be hesitant or shy.  Cynthia, on the other hand, was someone who hadn’t done this before and Tony looked forward to teaching her a few things.


“I… I thought you weren’t going to come,” said Cynthia when Tony entered the room.


Tony looked at the shy woman.  He guessed her to be around thirty years of age.  Dressed in a business suit, she certainly didn’t know how to seduce, but that was okay.  He expected her to be lounging in something sexy, but that was no problem, either.  Judging by the looks of things, the nervous woman had been pacing around the room, waiting for him to arrive.


Tony walked toward her as she waited, embarrassed, and with trembling lips.  Tony looked into his eyes.  “You’re tense, but there’s no need to be,” he whispered inches from her lips.


“I have… I haven’t done this before,” she said nervously.  “I… I…”


“Shhh!!” Tony placed a finger on Cynthia’s lips, silencing her.  “Nothing’s going to happen that you don’t choose.  But just to be clear, you mean you’ve never paid for an escort, right?  You don’t mean that you’ve never done it… as in a virgin.”

Titre :The ArrangementFormat :livre numérique KoboPublié le :14 février 2017Publié par :Beau To Beau BooksLangue :Anglais

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