The Economics of Property and Planning: Future Value

deGraham Squires

30 novembre 2021|
The Economics of Property and Planning: Future Value de Graham Squires


This book introduces the interlocking disciplines of property and planning to economic theory and practice.

Unlike any other available textbook, The Economics of Property and Planning skilfully introduces the reader to the interplay between property and planning using an economic lens. As resources become scarce, there is a growing need for students to understand the principles of economics in property and planning, especially given the rapid social, environmental, technological, and political changes that are shaping places.

The book begins with an outline of key economists and economic problems, then resources and scarcity, before examining macro- and microeconomic factors at play in property and planning. Furthermore, this book covers a variety of topics, including spatial and locational modelling, fiscal approaches to redistribution, regeneration and renewal, and transport and infrastructure financing. There is also a particular focus on contemporary issues such as climate change, environmental limits to economic growth, sustainability and resilience, and affordable housing. This book also introduces practical evaluation tools and appraisal, plus a look at property and planning with respect to macroeconomic objectives, policy, and new directions.

With property and planning essential factors in economic thinking and doing, this book provides insight into what future places will look like in real terms and how they will be shaped by policy. Targeted disciplines for this book include Economics, Planning, Property, Construction, Geography, Environmental Management, Sustainability, Housing, Built Environment, Land Economy, Urban Studies, Regional Studies, and Public Policy.

Titre :The Economics of Property and Planning: Future Value
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Publié le :30 novembre 2021
Publié par :CRC Press
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