The Face of the Enemy de Walker Buckalew

The Face of the Enemy

deWalker Buckalew

livre numérique Kobo | 25 octobre 2011 | Anglais

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Fresh from military service, Matt Clark learns of the mysterious disappearance of his beloved parents. Matt quickly embarks on a transatlantic journey to unravel the tapestry of clues that might lead to their captors, and from there the mystery grows. What to make of the cryptic diary entry by his quiet but fearless mother? And why is he being followed as he navigates the busy streets of London? Soon Matt finds himself swept into a diabolical conspiracy to annihilate the core tenets of the Christian faith. But Matt is not alone on his mission: he encounters the beautiful Rebecca Manguson and her twin brother, Luke, gifted siblings who will help lead him to the source of the evil plot. Drawn into a world of spiritual power he has never before experienced, Matt comes face to face with an unseen reality that changes every assumption he's made about life. “The day that changes our lives forever does not introduce itself by that name. It just comes. We awake. We arise. We move about. We may pray. If we do, we may ask God for His protection. From what, we do not yet know.” With these words, the Rebecca Series — a Christian action and mystery trilogy — launches itself at the reader. “I have just put down The Face of the Enemy, having read it slowly (not my usual tear-through) and thoroughly enjoyed the plot, the characters, the locations and, most importantly, the message. What courage! What faith! I especially like the life lessons, particularly for young people… [and even] for clergy…” Nancy Armstrong, Atlanta (GA), Church Youth Education Director "How long has it been since I've been yanked through to the end of a book by such a relentless force?" Ellen Welsh, St. Petersburg, Florida "It was wonderful ... fabulous … I looked forward every night to picking it up again It is more than interesting that this novel characterizes ‘the most effective Lie' as that which 'is very nearly True,' and 'the most effective Evil' as that which is 'very nearly' Good.'" Kay Betts, Atlanta, Georgia "My faith was simply lifted to another level by reading and contemplating The Face of the Enemy." Connie Wootton, Amarillo, Texas
Titre :The Face of the EnemyFormat :livre numérique KoboPublié le :25 octobre 2011Publié par :Walker BuckalewLangue :Anglais

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