The Forgotten Child of Zimbabwe

28 juillet 2017|
The Forgotten Child of Zimbabwe de Debra Chidakwa-akue


December 1966. A baby girl is born in the forests of central Zimbabwe. Seventeen years on, on a cold concrete floor at Gatwick arrivals, she sits alone, afraid, abandoned by the country she fought for. The Forgotten Child of Zimbabwe is the heart-rending story of Debra Mina Chidakwa-Akue, her early life of abuse, slavery, war, and betrayal. Set during the years of Zimbabwe's long and bloody struggle for independence, Debra's journey shines a harrowing light on life in her country, how conflict and power corrupts, and what horror the human spirit can somehow endure. It is through one girl's life experiences and the desire to share how we meet with life's challenges and how we should never give up that the author opened her heart to share a journey of a thousand miles full of pain, heartache, disappointments, near-death experiences, physical and emotional abuse, and the experiences of the bitter liberation war in Zimbabwe. Through every little journey that she endured there exists tremendous encouragement, inspiration, sadness, and thought-provoking encounters, of which some will send shivers in your spine. The Forgotten Child of Zimbabwe reveals the hidden agendas and real life stories that human beings experience, which is sometimes impossible to talk about. The Forgotten Child of Zimbabwe brings into the open the realities of life through the life and experiences of this brave young African girl. It will leave you with a challenge to take control of your life, to do something positive, and to see other human beings with fresher eyes. It will make you laugh, cry, and celebrate life and uplift you as well give you hope and be thankful. It is a story that is difficult to put down as it takes you on journey that is full of adventure and real life experiences, and, in the end, strengthens your faith or leads you to it.

Titre :The Forgotten Child of Zimbabwe
Format :livre numérique Kobo
Publié le :28 juillet 2017
Publié par :Christian Faith Publishing, Inc.
Langue :anglais
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