The Holy Grail Of Eris, Vol. 1 (manga)

deKujira TokiwaBy (artist)Hinase Momoyama, Yu-nagi Yu-nagi

31 mai 2022|
The Holy Grail Of Eris, Vol. 1 (manga) de Kujira Tokiwa
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The Grail family has a single guiding principle in their lives—Thou Shalt Be Sincere. However, sincerity alone can only get a lady so far in the twisted world of high meek Constance Grail soon learns after she is framed for petty theft and loses her fiancé and reputation in a matter of minutes. But one gaze on her isn’t quite as chilling as the others, though the woman’s uncanny resemblance to Scarlett Castiel must be a coincidence. After all, Scarlett isn’t just extremely wicked…she’s also very much dead.
Titre :The Holy Grail Of Eris, Vol. 1 (manga)
Format :Couverture souple
Dimensions de l'article :192 pages, 7.45 X 5.05 X 0.95 po
Dimensions à l'expédition :192 pages, 7.45 X 5.05 X 0.95 po
Publié le :31 mai 2022
Publié par :Yen Press
Langue :anglais
Convient aux âges :13 - adulte
ISBN - 13 :9781975342494

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