ARE the narratives of Genesis history or legend? For the modern historian this is no longer an open question; nevertheless it is important to get a clear notion of the bases of this modern position. Contents: I. The Significance And Scope Of The Legends. Criteria For Legend And History. Different Spheres Of Interest. Eye-Witness And Reporter. The Criterion Of Incredibility. Waning Anthropomorphism. Legend Is Poetry. II. The Varieties Of Legends In Genesis. Some Legends Are Faded Myths. Monotheism Hostile To Myths. The Significance Of Myths. The Legends Of The Patriarchs. Patriarchs Represent Tribes. Antiquity Of The Legends. Classification Of Legends. Aetiological Legends. Ethnological Legends. Etymological Legends. Ceremonial Legends. Geological And Other Legends. Mixed Legends. Origin Of The Legends. III. The Literary Form Of The Legends. Genesis Is Prose. Genesis A Folk-Book. The Contents Of Genesis In Primitive Form. The Real Unit In Genesis. Legend Cycles. Length Of Legends. Simplicity And Clearness Of Primitive Literary Art. Chief And Subordinate Personages. Description Of Characters. Popular Legends Treat Men As Types. Methods Of The Narrators. Thought Expressed By Actions. Soul-Life Not Ignored. Laconism Of The Legend Writers. No Nature-Love In Genesis. Economy Of Details. Unity And Coherence Of Parts. Variations On A Given Theme. Plausibility Demanded. Sustained Interest. Legends Not Pure Invention. Etymologies Subordinate Features. Summary. An Early Israelitish Romance Devices For Uniting Several Stories. Epic Discursiveness. Interest In Soul-Life. IV. History Of The Development Of The Legends Of Genesis In Oral Tradition.

Titre :The Legends of Genesis
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