The Schoolmistress and Other Stories

deAnton Chekhov

8 décembre 2020|
The Schoolmistress and Other Stories de Anton Chekhov
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The Schoolmistress and Other Stories (1920) is a collection of short stories by Russian writer Anton Chekhov. “The Schoolmistress” was written in 1897 and published in an issue of Moscow’s daily newspaper Russkiye Vedomosti. Even for Chekhov, whose work is characteristically bleak and noted for its unsparing realism, the title story of this collection is particularly hopeless. And yet, reading it alongside these other stories by a true icon of world and Russian literature, one cannot help but feel a sense of hope, reminded—as Chekhov’s readers almost invariably are—of the light one finds in even the darkest of places.

“The Schoolmistress,” which Chekhov wrote in Nice, is a brief story that follows Maria Vasilyevna as she returns to the village where she lives and works after collecting her pay in town. On the way, her cart nearly overturns, and she is forced to get out in the middle of a freezing river. To dry off, she takes a break at a local tavern, where she meets the formerly handsome Khanov, a landlord of her acquaintance. As she continues on her journey, she muses on her lot in life. Beset with memories and regrets, she struggles to make it home to a life she can hardly bear. “A Nervous Breakdown,” originally published in 1889, is the story of a young law student who reluctantly agrees to accompany his friends on a night in Moscow’s red-light district. Overwhelmed with despair and guilt, he struggles to reconcile what he sees with his own idealistic sense of the world. These are only two of the twenty-one works collected in The Schoolmistress and Other Stories, which showcase the immense talents of Anton Chekhov, an icon of Russian literature.

With a beautifully designed cover and professionally typeset manuscript, this edition of Anton Chekhov’s The Schoolmistress and Other Stories is a classic of Russian literature reimagined for modern readers.

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