The Temp Pest de Richard Batchelor

The Temp Pest

deRichard Batchelor

livre numérique Kobo | 2 mars 2013 | Anglais

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This is the first introduction I've ever written for a friend's book or ebook in this case and after having read it I'd like to say it's an honour and a privilege indeed to have my name associated with such literary style, talent and flair. Perhaps I'm just being narcissistic here but I see so much of myself at work in Rich's character and I think that's what really makes it easy to read. The narrator in 'The Temp Pest' is a lovable if somewhat indecisive and at times misguided soul but one with a good heart, great sense of humour and generally good intentions. Rich brings him to life with the same colourful, vibrant strokes that Van Gogh would use to illuminate his famous sunflowers or perhaps Monet would use on an outdoor piece. The settings are at times dull and colourless but then deliberately so as it's about giving the reader a feel for what it's like to be stuck in a temp job. As opposed to my own work in 'Confessions of a Gaming Attendant' whereby 'I Am Legend' is a constant reference as every day often feels the same at work, here 'The Temp Pest' is a bumpy roller coaster ride for our hapless protagonist who goes from one bizarre and different situation to the next. Often he finds himself in situations that are testing beyond any normal person's endurance, with his senses assaulted at his various workplaces and the way he manages to keep himself sane and even entertained in such situations forms the basis for much of the book's comedy and great wit. Rich's England is a breath of fresh air and a great contrast to all the books coming out nowadays set in the States and he brings his characters to life at once dumping them into funny and memorable situations. For me the highlight of 'The Temp Pest' was Rich's soccer (sorry football) match that he describes at work as I can't remember ever laughing so much while reading and his references to the Greek myths interwoven with this modern day tale that could best be compared to the tale of woe suffered by Job himself. And being somewhat musically inclined myself it was great to see the way Rich talks about music and the kinds of horrible music his protagonist suffers while at work. If only there were a punishment severe enough for the bastards who inflict such crimes against humanity as Bryan Adams, Phil Collins and others upon us while we suffer at work the world could potentially be a much better place. In closing, I can't recommend this book highly enough as the tale of Rich is the tale of every man who toils for another and yet has lofty ambitions of being so much more (sigh, don't we all?) I am in a state of eager anticipation for Rich's upcoming exposé on the world of 'Teaching English as a Foreign Lackey.' Well, that's about all from me reader, I hope you enjoy The Temp Pest as much as I did and I'm sure Rich has a long and wonderful journey in front of him as far as writing goes because if this is any indication then he still has a great many interesting tales to tell. Enjoy! Sincerely, Mikey Lee Ray
Titre :The Temp PestFormat :livre numérique KoboPublié le :2 mars 2013Publié par :Richard BatchelorLangue :Anglais

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