The Way of Perfection (Translated by Rev. John Dalton)

27 septembre 2018|
The Way of Perfection (Translated by Rev. John Dalton)


St. Teresa of Avila’s 16th century work “The Way of Perfection” is a classic of Christian literature which was written for the nuns of the order she founded. Encouraged by her religious counselors, she sought to give advice and guidance to other nuns in her ways of prayer and Christian meditation during the upheaval and change of the Reformation in Europe. In this influential work, St. Teresa of Avila gives practical advice for incorporating prayer in one’s everyday life and in using meditation and time spent in quiet repose to form a greater union with God and understanding of Christian mysticism. Through such meditation and deep contemplation, one could reach a state of rapture, or true communion with God. This guide directs its readers step by step to achieve a greater sense of spirituality and closeness with God by embracing fraternal love, rejecting material possessions, and practicing true humility. St. Teresa of Avila’s practical wisdom has been deeply influential and continues to inspire the faithful centuries later. This edition follows the translation of Rev. John Dalton.

Titre :The Way of Perfection (Translated by Rev. John Dalton)
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