ÉditeurJesse Russell, Ronald Cohn

Couverture souple | 12 janvier 2012 | anglais

Tummo de Jesse Russell
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles Tummo (Tibetan: gtum-mo; Sanskrit: caṇḍālī) is one of the methods of the Kagyu Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism used to recognize the ultimate nature of reality. Although this practice of meditation got its fame in the cold, mountaneous regions of Tibet for its ability to produce body heat as a side effect of the meditation itself; originally and most importantly Tummo practice was and still is used by meditators to work with inner energy channels. The outcome of this practice, as explained by Indian accomplishers, or mahasiddhas, is an intensely blissful feeling, an aspect of the innate state of our mind. In the Kagyu tradition of Tibetan Buddhism, Tummo belongs to The Six Yogas of Naropa teachings, an advanced set of practices used to recognize the nature of our mind. Tilopa (988-1069) gave this method to Naropa along with five other meditations which today we know as The Six Yogas of Naropa. Naropa's Tibetan student Marpa (1012-1097) brought these practices to Tibet and gave them to his famous yogi student Milarepa. Milarepa used this practice to sustain himself while meditating in different caves in the mountains of Tibet and passed it on to his student Gampopa. Gampopa, then passed it on to his various students. In this fashion, on the basis of the student-teacher relationship, these methods of Buddhist practice have been kept alive. It is important to note that in Tibet, the Tummo practice became popular among yogis as a tool to produce heat, but in fact, in India, a land of extreme heat where the practice originated and was kept alive, the unintended side effect of inner heat was just that, an unintended side effect. The essence of Tummo Yoga is that it is a practice through which one recognizes that outer phenomena are the mirror to one's own mind.
Titre :TummoFormat :Couverture soupleDimensions de l'article :78 pages, 11 X 8.25 X 0.16 poDimensions à l'expédition :78 pages, 11 X 8.25 X 0.16 poPublié le :12 janvier 2012Publié par :Book on DemandLangue :anglais

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