Winged Time One Way de D.E. MACKAY

Winged Time One Way


livre numérique Kobo | 22 septembre 2015 | Anglais

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The story is about what would happen if all of a sudden, without any warning , there was no electricity, no connection to technology. Back in 1999, technology was quickly becoming so necessary to everyones existence. Not many people had cash in their purses and grew their own food. Not in the city. There are three main characters. Jack, a self-made man who grew up in a humble home but was a happy child. How he came to live on his cattle property with his wife and two daughters. How he survived the world without technology. Jade, a middle-aged woman whose three children had grown up and left their city home to seek their own way in life. How her life had become so dismal and how she changed and grew strong when she discovered that she didnt need to spend huge amounts of money on her home anymore now that the children had left and how she ensured that they had a safe place to come home to. She began preparing. Gillian and Adam. A young family with a small son. How they grew to love their bush retreat and prepare for what they knew would eventually change their world forever more. This story is purely fiction and is not intended to scare people into thinking that this will happen. It is merely my story and I hope readers enjoy it. I could not publish this book without technology. I was lucky to grow up in a time where we played outside with our friends until we were called home for tea. I am mindful that my grandchildren and most children cannot do this in the city today. Since I wrote my book, I have witnessed their births, and it is worrying that they must spend so much time indoors, necessary for them to access technology so that they can do their studies and be entertained. Necessary because the sun causes so much damage to their young skin. Technology is necessary and important, and without it, most of us cannot survive today. It does have great benefits, e.g., advances in medical science, communications with loved ones far away. Necessary for most of us to earn a living by using computers and driving vehicles. The younger generation has accepted this new way of life. I was totally amazed when I took my youngest grandson, then three, to visit an elderly neighbour who had his own vegetable garden and how amazed that young child was to see how the fruits and vegetables grew on bushes and trees.

Titre :Winged Time One WayFormat :livre numérique KoboPublié le :22 septembre 2015Publié par :Xlibris AULangue :Anglais

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