Worrying: A Literary and Cultural History

21 mai 2015|
Worrying: A Literary and Cultural History


Worrying: A Literary and Cultural History suggests a unique approach to the inner lifeand its ordinary pains. Francis O'Gormancharts the emergence of our contemporaryidea of worry in the Victorian era and itsestablishment, after the First World War,as a feature of modernity. For some writersbetween the Wars, worry was the “diseaseof the age.”

Worrying examines the everyday kind ofworry-the fearful, non-pathological, andusually hidden questioning about uncertainfutures. It shows worry to be a naturalcompanion in a world where we try to liveby reason and believe we have the right tochoose, finding in the worrier a peculiarlycontemporary sufferer whose mental lifeis not only exceptionally familiar, but alsodeeply strange.

Offering an intimately personal account of an all-too-common human experience, and of a word that slips in and out of ordinary conversation so often that it has become invisible in its familiarity, Worrying explores how the modern world has shaped our everyday anxieties.

Titre :Worrying: A Literary and Cultural History
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Publié le :21 mai 2015
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