FAQ for Authors

Do you purchase books directly from Authors?

No, Indigo does not directly purchase books from Authors, other than on consignment (see below). Indigo only purchases books from book vendors. Please see FAQ for Book Vendors.

Can my self-published book be listed on your website if you do not purchase my book?

Yes, your book can be listed on our site. However, this can only be done with a publisher/distributor that has an established relationship with Indigo, provided that the title meets Indigo’s Terms of Sale:

  1. Book must be fully returnable
  2. Book must have a Canadian Price on the cover/jacket

Do you have consignment at your Stores?

Yes, consignment is available at all our retail locations. Our consignment program can be managed by yourself or your publisher/distributor. It is necessary to contact each store where you would like your product placed. Consignment approval is at the Store Manager’s discretion. Please e-mail newauthor@indigo.ca for our consignment package.

Why is my book not on the chapters.indigo.ca website?

If your book is currently distributed in Canada and you are unable to find it on our site, it is best to contact your publisher/distributor directly. All listing information is sent to Indigo from publishers and/or distributors. If your book is available POD (print-on-demand), it might have to be listed manually – please email newauthor@indigo.ca for more details. Please include your Title and ISBN whenever possible.

How do I modify my book listing on chapters.indigo.ca?

All book details and images are sent to Indigo from publishers/distributors. Please notify your publisher/distributor of any errors/changes and they will update Indigo accordingly.

How do I add/modify my book cover image and descriptions on chapters.indigo.ca?

All book images and enhanced descriptions are sent to Indigo from publishers/distributors. Please notify your publisher/distributor of any errors/changes and they will update Indigo accordingly.

Why is my book unavailable to be ordered on the chapters.indigo.ca website?

Product availability depends on a variety of factors: inventory information supplied by your publisher/distributor, reprint dates, stock on hand in our distribution centre, etc. Often, books shown as "temporarily unavailable" come back in stock quickly. If your publisher/distributor has your title in stock, but it is listed on our site as unavailable, please encourage them to contact our Master Data Department (masterdata@indigo.ca) for details on updating inventory information.

How do I list my e-book on your chapters.indigo.ca website?

At Indigo, we have partnered with the global eReading service, kobo™ for all of our e-Book listings. Once your titles appear on kobo™, they will be displayed on our web site.

For more information about selling your e-Book titles on kobo, the link is:


For more information about turning your book into an e-book, the link is:


How do I arrange an in-store event?

We're always interested in promoting the works of budding authors and musicians through our in-store book signings and live performances. If you are a published author considering an in-store book signing or a musician interested in performing live, you can contact your local store directly regarding event opportunities. Store Event approval is solely at the discretion of the Store Manager.

Locations and phone numbers can be found via the Store Locator. You can ask for the manager who schedules local events.

I haven’t completed my book yet – can you offer any resources to help?

If you are seeking services to help you complete, evaluate and edit your manuscript, here are some links that may be of help to you:

Canadian Authors Association

Association of Canadian Publishers (Distribution Information)

Author Learning Centre

Library & Archives Canada (Obtaining an ISBN)

Depending on where you live, there may also be regional Writer's Guilds, Associations, Groups, and Workshops available to aspiring writers.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact us at newauthor@indigo.ca