How We're Getting Started

  • Measure our Carbon Footprint

    Our work starts with an in-depth assessment of our direct and indirect emissions, which will help when setting our goals and planning our path to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Eliminate Single-Use Plastic Packaging

    By the end of 2020, we will eliminate all single-use plastic shopping bags in our stores and plastic pouches in our online packaging.

  • Increase Recycling and Composting

    We will divert approximately 70% of our waste in our retail stores to recycling and compostable programs.

  • Communicate and Engage

    We are committed to transparency. We will share the results of our carbon assessment and our progress against established targets throughout the year.

  • Improve Product Assortment

    We’ll implement a program with merchants and suppliers to systematically replace traditionally made products with those that are made using sustainable materials and practices.