99 Ideas And Activities For Teaching English Learners With The Siop Model by Maryellen Vogt99 Ideas And Activities For Teaching English Learners With The Siop Model by Maryellen Vogt

99 Ideas And Activities For Teaching English Learners With The Siop Model

byMaryellen Vogt, Jana Echevarria

Paperback | March 15, 2007

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The Perfect Companion to Making Content Comprehensible for English Learners: The SIOP® Model!!!


This long-awaited new book by acclaimed authors MaryEllen Vogt and Jana Echevarria offers research-based, SIOP®-tested techniques for lessons that include the eight SIOP® components. The 99 ideas and activities in this book include a few familiar techniques that have been shown to be especially effective for ELLs, as well as many new ideas for SIOP® teachers. All promote student-to-student and teacher-to-student interaction and involvement proven to be so necessary for English language acquisition and content development. This book is surely to become an indispensable resource for teachers of English learners.


Overwhelming response from reviewers!


“[T]he strategies in [the book] are useful for any classroom teacher.  It supports everything teachers learn in SIOP in a concrete, easy-to-follow format.  While obviously it would be best to use in conjunction with the SIOP model, some of the strategies could also be used in isolation to improve teaching practice as well.  Teachers are always looking for ways to “beef up” their classroom instruction—this book gives them what they want!”

                                                —Karen Fichter, Zebulon GT Magnet Middle School, NC


“This book would help to answer so many of the questions that teachers have about how to enhance their teaching. This textbook would be a welcome addition to our program and would be one of those books that teachers would keep and use for a long time after they complete their graduate course work.”

—Julia S. Austin, University of Alabama at Birmingham



What makes 99 Ideas and Activities for Teaching English Learners with the SIOP® Model  a must-have?

  • Offers step-by-step directions and examples of content and language objectives for all ideas and activities. 
  • Provides use-tomorrow ideas and activities for implementing the eight components of the SIOP® Model.
  • Includes 12 sample lesson plans that illustrate how a particular activity can be effective for ALL students, and all of these sample lessons are adapted for both elementary and secondary students.
  • Features classroom-ready content and language objectives for all relevant activities.
Deborah J. Short is a professional development consultant and a senior research associate at the Center for Applied Linguistics in Washington, DC. She co-developed the SIOP® Model for sheltered instruction and has directed national research studies on English language learn-ers funded by the Carnegie Corporation, the Rockefeller Found...
Title:99 Ideas And Activities For Teaching English Learners With The Siop ModelFormat:PaperbackDimensions:208 pages, 10.6 × 8.4 × 0.6 inPublished:March 15, 2007Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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Table of Contents


            Criteria for Selecting the Ideas and Activities

            About This Book

                        Purpose of Ideas and Activities

                        Content and Language Objectives

                        Lesson Plans


            A Guide to Using This Book





Overview of Preparation Component

Ideas and Activities for Enhancing Lesson Preparation

Teacher Collaboration using the SIOP Protocol

Differentiated Instruction

Enlarged, Adapted Text

Alternate Materials

Success through Scaffolding                             

Task Analysis or Backwards Planning                                                  

SIOP Planning Flow Chart

Lesson Plan Format



Overview of Building Background Component

Ideas and Activities for Building Background

Realia, Photos, and Illustrations

KWL Chart                                                                                                     

Pretest with a Partner                                                                                       

Backwards Book Walk                       

Go to Your Corner                                          

The Insert Method                                           

Student Journals                                              

Personal Dictionaries

Signal Words   

4 Corners Vocabulary                                     

Identifying and Using Cognates to Teach English Vocabulary                            

Surprise Book

Lesson Plan:  Elementary

Lesson Plan:  Secondary                                                          



Overview of Comprehensible Input Component

Ideas and Activities for Providing Comprehensible Input

Identifying Levels of Second Language Acquisition                               

            Move It!                      

            Vocabulary Cards and Flip Books

            Homographs, Homophones, and Synonyms.    

            Idiom Match-Up                                                         

            Taped Texts for Scaffolding                             

            Every Student Gets a Chance                           

            Framed Outlines                                              

            Lesson Plan:  Elementary

            Lesson Plan:  Secondary                                              



Overview of Strategies Component

Ideas and Activities for Developing Strategies

Directed Reading-Thinking Activity (DR-TA)

SQP2RS (Squeepers)

Questioning Prompts for Different levels of Language Acquisition                                  

Canned Questions                                                       

Question-Answer Relationships (QAR)

Anticipation/Reaction Guide                             

Progressive Maps                                            

T-Chart Graphic Organizer                              

Split Page Note-taking                         

Stop and Think                                    

You Are the Teacher!                                      

Value Line                                                       

Adapted Venn Diagram

Lesson Plan:  Elementary

Lesson Plan: Secondary



Overview of Interaction Component

Ideas and Activities for Promoting Interaction

            Is It Complete?

Dinner Party                                                                

Group Response with a White Board

Reader-Writer-Speaker Response Triads        

Inside Outside Circle               

Find Your Match                                             

Jigsaw What You Know                                  

Gallery Walk                                                   

Take a Stand                                                               

Frozen Moment                                                           

You Are There                                                

Great Performances

Role Playing


Lesson Plan:  Elementary

Lesson Plan:  Secondary                                                          



Overview of Practice and Application Component

Ideas and Activities for Providing Practice and Application


            Are You Sleeping?                                                      

            Poetry and Patterns                                                     

            Go Graphic for Expository Texts                                  

            Main Idea Chart                                                          

            Cause and Effect Chart                                    

            Compare/Contrast Chart                                             

            Sequence or Chronological Chart                                 

            Problem - Solution Chart                                             

            Description Chart                                                        

            Plot Chart/Short Story Flow Chart                               

            The Frame-Up                                                

            Piece O’ Pizza                                                 

            Virginia Reel                                                    

            Numbered Heads Together                              


            Lesson Plan:  Elementary

            Lesson Plan:  Secondary                                              



SIOP Features of Lesson Delivery

Overview of Lesson Delivery Component

Ideas and Activities for Effective Lesson Delivery

            Heading into Questions                                    

            Chunk and Chew                                                         

            Magic Buttons                                                 

            Procedural Knowledge                        

            Response Cards                                              

            Secret Answer                                                 

            Take Your Corners                                         

            What Do You Know?                                     

   Stop That Video



Overview of Review and Assessment Component

Ideas and Activities for Review and Assessment 

            Simultaneous Round Table                                           

            Find Someone Who                                                     

            Numbered Heads Together with a Review Sheet                                              

            Sign in, Please                                                

            Response Boards                                            

            Find the Fib

            Elementary Lesson Plan

            Secondary Lesson Plan                                    

Selected References


Appendix A:  The Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol