Adventures in Seeing: The Camera Teaches you how to Pause, Focus, and Connect with Life by Kim Manley OrtAdventures in Seeing: The Camera Teaches you how to Pause, Focus, and Connect with Life by Kim Manley Ort

Adventures in Seeing: The Camera Teaches you how to Pause, Focus, and Connect with Life

byKim Manley Ort

Paperback | November 1, 2016

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It was during a photography workshop in 2001 when I first realized how much more there was to see than at first glance. I stood in a field of dying plants, not knowing what to photograph. The instructor saw my dilemma and advised me to get down on my belly and put my camera right in the middle of those plants. Looking through the viewfinder from this perspective, I discovered a whole new world.

There are times that we all feel the way I did that day – overwhelmed and helpless - not knowing what to do next, not seeing any possibilities. We can learn to see below the surface of our lives and connect in a much deeper way.

Through mentors in seeing – writers like Thomas Merton, John O'Donohue, and Mary Oliver; and photographers like Ansel Adams and Minor White, I discovered that these were people who lived rich, full lives doing what they were born to do. They shared nine distinct habits or mindsets.

They were pillars of pausing in the midst of their days – with openness, humility, and acceptance. They focused their attention with curiosity and wonder. They saw possibilities everywhere, yet simplified their lives to what was most essential. They were connected to life through strong and meaningful relationships. These mindsets serve as antidotes to the filters we normally place on our experience. Life becomes fuller, richer and more meaningful.

The premise of this book is that the camera can be used as a tool for  cultivating these habits. Throughout this book, you'll find inspiring stories and photographic exercises that will motivate you to see your everyday world in a brand new way. The exercises can be completed with any type of camera, even a smartphone.

In Section 1, you'll learn the power of the pause. You'll cultivate the habits of openness, humility, and acceptance and build more space in your life. In Section 2, you'll learn to focus with intention and go deeper by bringer your curiosity to the table. You'll find that wonder and miracles are all around. In Section 3, you'll see many possibilities and then simplify to what matters most. You’ll connect or click the shutter to honor the relationship you’ve formed.

Each section invites you to go deeper, to pause and focus before you connect or click the shutter. You'll cultivate habits for seeing in new ways and you'll learn to notice the filters – the judgments, labels, opinions, beliefs - that get in the way. Through the exercises, you'll form new habits that will make you feel more engaged and connected with your life and you'll keep a visual record of your expanded awareness. You'll learn to listen to and trust your own inner voice that knows how you want to spend your time and what photographs you want to take. You'll confidently express who you are and how you see the world through your photography.

And the bonus is that you'll experience more consistent joy and gratitude in life and in your photography. You'll feel more alive, connected, and engaged no matter what you're doing and no matter where you are. And, this will have a ripple effect on everything and everyone around you. You will find that ordinary, everyday reality can be quite extraordinary.

Kim is a writer, teacher, and photographer living a contemplative life in beautiful Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. She has created 6 popular online workshops in visual design, seeing, and visual journaling since 2010, as well as hosted in-person experiences across the United States and Canada. Photography has been her passion s...
Title:Adventures in Seeing: The Camera Teaches you how to Pause, Focus, and Connect with LifeFormat:PaperbackDimensions:210 pages, 8.5 × 8.5 × 0.55 inPublished:November 1, 2016Publisher:Kim Manley Ort PhotographyLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Table of ContentsIntroduction: A Lifetime of Learning to See- On Contemplative Photography- Mentors in Seeing & The 9 Contemplative Habits- My Adventures in Seeing- Learning to See- How to Use This BookSection 1 - PAUSE - Mentor Spotlight - Tara Brach- Habit #1 - Open Up Call to Adventure #1 - Symbols of OpennessCall to Adventure #2 - Awaken the SensesCall to Adventure #3 - Welcome the UnexpectedCall to Adventure #4 - Tap into your IntuitionCall to Adventure #5 - Change your Subject- Habit #2 - Be Humble Call to Adventure #6 - Little ThingsCall to Adventure #7 - EssenceCall to Adventure #8 - WaterCall to Adventure #9 - Everything is WorthyCall to Adventure #10 - Decay- Habit #3 - Accept what IsCall to Adventure #11 - CompassionCall to Adventure #12 - Do a 180Call to Adventure #13 - Accept the WeatherCall to Adventure #14 - Celebrate ImpermanenceCall to Adventure #15 - Practice GratitudeSection 2 - FOCUS - Mentor Spotlight - Thomas Merton- Habit #4 - Pay AttentionCall to Adventure #16 - Practice ListeningCall to Adventure #17 - Close ObservationCall to Adventure #18 - Setting IntentionsCall to Adventure #19 - ReflectionsCall to Adventure #20 - Ordinary Moments- Habit #5 - Get Curious Call to Adventure #21 - Ask Questions Call to Adventure #22 - A PersonCall to Adventure #23 - Learn Something NewCall to Adventure #24 - MeaningCall to Adventure #25 - Play- Habit #6 - Experience WonderCall to Adventure #26 - Small Wonders Call to Adventure #27 - Light PaintingsCall to Adventure #28 - Difficult MomentsCall to Adventure #29 - The DetailsCall to Adventure #30 - Childlike WonderSection 3 - CONNECT- Mentor Spotlight - Frederick Franck - Habit #7 - Expand your PossibilitiesCall to Adventure #31 - See Perfection in ImperfectionCall to Adventure #32 - See the PotentialCall to Adventure #33 - Let Go of ExpectationsCall to Adventure #34 - Change your Vantage PointCall to Adventure #35 - Accidental Art- Habit #8 - Keep it Simple Call to Adventure #36 - Your Inner TeacherCall to Adventure #37 - SpaceCall to Adventure #38 - EssenceCall to Adventure #39 - Silence and StillnessCall to Adventure #40 - Emotion- Habit #9 - Establish the RelationshipCall to Adventure #41 - ConnectionsCall to Adventure #42 - Relationships within the FrameCall to Adventure #43 - OppositesCall to Adventure #44 - The Ripple EffectCall to Adventure #45 - RhythmSHARING THE ADVENTURE- How to Move Forward- Join Adventures in Seeing (#adventuresinseeing)- Books To Further Inspire Your Adventures

Editorial Reviews

"Adventures in Seeing is more than a book about photography. It's an invitation to live with more awareness and appreciation. Kim Manley Ort's premise is that the camera is an agent not for a snapshot or quick pics but for slowing down, opening our eyes, and seeing possibility all around and within us. Every day indeed can be an adventure in seeing. The world of Instagram and selfies will be better off for Kim Manley Ort's work and wisdom." - Jeffrey Davis, founder of Tracking Wonder and author of The Journey from the Center to the Page"We are fortunate to have volumes of information on our craft at our fingertips, however, when is it time to stop burying our heads in information and start feeling our craft? My images are snapshots of who I am, or would like to be. I would like to pass through this life with grace, ease and elegance; hopefully my images echo that sentiment. Adventures in Seeing gave me the tools and space to help accomplish just that." ~ Abby Raeder, Participant in the Adventures in Seeing online workshop