Both Sides of the Fence: Surviving the Trap

July 1, 2014|
Both Sides of the Fence: Surviving the Trap by Michael A. Amos


Both Sides of the Fence: Surviving the Trap takes the reader on a journey through the mentality of the protagonist, Michael A. Amos, who grew up thrust into Toronto's notorious Driftwood Court neighbourhood in the Jane Street and Finch Avenue West area. The themes of Michael's story range from the psychological effects of being raised around violence to the mentality and decision-making process that develop in a child emerging from a lower socioeconomic status and a depressed physical environment. In a tough and uncompromising style, Michael describes his journey from the mindset, shaped by his environment, that he once had to his finally questioning what was the truth, and how, over time and through many ups and downs, he was able to integrate into and become a productive member of Canadian society. Having seen life from both sides of the fence, Michael A. Amos shares his story in the hope that it will make other young people from similar backgrounds understand some of the root causes of their situations and realize that there isanother side and there are other possibilities. It is also Michael's hope thatBoth Sides of the Fence may serve as a catalyst for change by providing law enforcement officers, social services, government agencies, and the general Canadian population with insight into the causes of the destructive behaviour of these young people.

Title:Both Sides of the Fence: Surviving the Trap
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:July 1, 2014
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780993674211

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