Children of the Black: The Silver Sights Saga, #1

March 21, 2023|
Children of the Black: The Silver Sights Saga, #1 by W J Long III


Humanity has survived. On the far end of the universe, with Earth little more than a faded memory, they thrive on worlds where once they were enslaved. In the millennia since, these persistent beings built new societies, but when the two greatest nations among them met for the first time, there was war. The all-consuming conflict bent the wills and morals of both powers beyond recognition, leading to levels of experimentation and cruelty once thought impossible. Yet, in a universe drowned in blood, an opportunity for peace is seized.

In the uncertain aftermath of the truce, a broken soldier and a lost psionic girl, both haunted by histories shattered by the war, work tirelessly to make ends meet. In the dusty streets of Minerva City, a shadow from their past returns to offer more than enough credits to break them out of the city's slums.

In exchange, the two must find a powerful secret once capable of bringing solace to a desperate wartorn universe, but in a time of uneasy peace, it holds a more destructive power. Uniquely qualified and entirely in over their heads, the pair put their lives on the line and embark on a harrowing adventure where they discover not only the answers to their broken pasts but a hint of dangers lurking in the Black.

"I love his writing! W J Long III builds this dreamlike space world with a nightmarish side that is incredibly intriguing!"

- Amber Rizzi, The Writer's Library

"Children of the Black is an excellent read by an author that really thought out the material and did a masterful job executing his vision."

- Christian Green, Author

Title:Children of the Black: The Silver Sights Saga, #1
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:March 21, 2023
Publisher:​W J Long III
Appropriate for ages:All ages

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