Dawn of Magic: Rise of the Guardians

June 18, 2020|
Dawn of Magic: Rise of the Guardians by Christopher Gorman


It’s the year 2103, and Earth is in crisis. Temperatures are increasing dramatically, crops are failing, and humanity is struggling to adapt. As climate change and political tensions between Canada and the United States escalate, a long-dormant natural force awakens to reclaim her power from the ravages of science, politics, and organized religion: Mother Nature. However, she cannot succeed alone.

In Toronto, a young man named Aiden has been enduring splitting migraines and vivid dreams that transport him into visions of underground caverns and cataclysmic events. Just when he suspects he’s on the brink of insanity—or possibly even death—a charming stranger coupled with a freak accident unleashes a power from within. Soon, Aiden and his two closest friends find themselves on a journey of joint self-discovery, becoming the first wizards—Mother Earth’s warriors—to appear on Earth in over three thousand years.

Aiden’s inborn magic leads him to a reclusive group known as the Guardians, who teach him how to wield his power. However, it isn’t long before his adventures pit him and his friends against a powerful force that deems magic heresy: the Catholic Church. From an ancient stronghold in Ireland to a secluded village in the French Alps, Aiden and the other wizards must learn to master their magic and protect their ancient knowledge in order to help save the planet.

Title:Dawn of Magic: Rise of the Guardians
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:June 18, 2020
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781525563812

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