Done with Dementia: Keeping Your Parents Together

January 7, 2021|
Done with Dementia: Keeping Your Parents Together by Linda McKendry



Who takes their parents out of assisted living after six months? We do! And this book is about why we did that and how we set up 24/7 care-giving after down sizing, selling their home, and moving them in and OUT of the facility of their choice.

In 1992 our parents were in their 70s. Some symptoms of dementia had surfaced. We had a family meeting to let them share their thoughts and feelings about their future as they aged. Legal documents were put in place with the blessing of the family and a promise was made that we would keep them together. We were ready for any crisis. They lived into early 90s and died within 69 days of each other.

Are you struggling to decide if you CAN or WANT to care for your parents to the degree that we did?

Armed with some facts and stories of how we dealt with the issues of dementia and aging, you can make that decision without any pressure or guilt.

Would you like your children to know what they need to consider NOW while you are mentally fit to share your preferences and put the Legal, Logical, and Loving things in place? Prepare for any crisis.

Find out what can be Done-With-Dementia s you can give back to your parents without any regrets.

If you wait... it may be too late!

Title:Done with Dementia: Keeping Your Parents Together
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 7, 2021
Publisher:Tellwell Talent
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780228822219

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