Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt by Michael Lewis

Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt

byMichael Lewis

Kobo ebook | March 31, 2014

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#1 New York Times Bestseller — With a new Afterword

"Guaranteed to make blood boil." —Janet Maslin, New York Times

In Michael Lewis's game-changing bestseller, a small group of Wall Street iconoclasts realize that the U.S. stock market has been rigged for the benefit of insiders. They band together—some of them walking away from seven-figure salaries—to investigate, expose, and reform the insidious new ways that Wall Street generates profits. If you have any contact with the market, even a retirement account, this story is happening to you.

Title:Flash Boys: A Wall Street RevoltFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:March 31, 2014Publisher:W. W. Norton & CompanyLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from It's all RIGGED! The world is rigged! another example of how the finance world is rigged. The Big Short is one that wants you to punch everyone on wall street in the face. This one makes you want to kick them below the belt.
Date published: 2017-12-07
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Funny and infuriating all at the same time This is another great job of story telling by Mr. Lewis. The book is witty and extremely informative. I learned a lot reading this book and the knowledge I gained infuriated me until the end. The book reads like a thriller and is very fast and easy.
Date published: 2017-11-30
Rated 3 out of 5 by from Interesting read Insightful read about how the stock market works
Date published: 2017-11-09
Rated 3 out of 5 by from liked it! always learn something from his books abt finance world
Date published: 2017-09-28
Rated 4 out of 5 by from ok A great novel with clever, easy to follow writing with funny and witty characters. Definitely a must read!
Date published: 2017-09-22
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Is the market really rigged? Lewis' thesis is basically that the market is rigged against the main street investors by the machine that is Wall Street. The text provides a great overview of Wall Street trading systems and their evolution. He provides great examples of how things work and there is great insight into a cast of interesting characters that make it all happen. A must read for a business and trading enthusiast as well as any fan of Michael Lewis.
Date published: 2017-02-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Great Intro to HFT As always, Michael lewis illustrates his research and his points very well in a story (non-boring) way. Before this I had no clue what HFT was and how it affected me, but from the book, i can understand a bit more about how all this works. Great for novices and veterans of the stock market to take a look.
Date published: 2017-02-07
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Another solid effort from Michael Lewis As per usual, Michael Lewis tells the story of a bigger event by focusing on a few individuals caught in that event. I always find Lewis’ books fun to read – it’s part investigative journalism, but also has some elements of storytelling in the way he fleshes out the backgrounds of his protagonists and weaves the story together. In this case, the story is the front running by HFTs to take advantage of traders without a high speed advantage in order to make outrageous sums of profits for themselves at the expense of the ordinary investor. Things are more interesting when Lewis lays out what people are doing in ordinary terms. Lewis crafts a story of the greed of human beings trying to make money off other human beings simply by gaming the system instead of adding any practical value. He presents a white knight with an idea to level the playing field at great personal risk. The story and the characters are the best thing about this book, as Lewis uses the characters’ viewpoints to present the different sides of the issue. Lewis also dives into the formidable task of explaining how this all works. It’s necessary, but in my opinion is the worst part of the book as the technical explanations can get awfully dry. Since the subject can be quite complex, Lewis repeats things at various parts in order to remind the reader (I guess), but it doesn’t help with the dryness. The book seems meticulously researched, and I learned a lot about the nefarious inner workings of Wall Street which is the usual case when I read Lewis’ latest business book. Recommended!
Date published: 2017-01-15
Rated 4 out of 5 by from I learned a lot I was expecting the book to be boring, but to my surprise, it was enjoyable to read and well-written. If you're into movies like 'the wolf of wall street', you will also enjoy this book. The book was inspired by true events and educational. I learned about trade exchanges and dark pools from this book. It helped me made sense of the market a bit more.
Date published: 2015-09-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Flash Boys Excellent book! I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lewis takes a complex subject and makes it understandable. I'm calling my online broker to find out where they stand on this.
Date published: 2015-04-03
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Entertaining and Educational The first 2-3 of the book was captivating, it read like a crime drama you could learn from. The last 1-3 got fairly technical and lost momentum but provided a good detailed look into the world of high frequency trading.
Date published: 2014-10-30
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Flash boys Wonderful read! A sad commentary on the free market system. Thank goodness a down to earth Canadian figured it out! :-)
Date published: 2014-09-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Flash boys Speed of fiber optics, technical advantage of the sortest route over long distance. Horrible commentary on the minipulation of the markets in favor of high frequency traders along with the risk and greed of traders. Amazing story of the high percentage of inside players who didn't and still don't know how the game works and the ruthless lengths they will go to for revenge. Terrible revelation of how the average person is helpless in the game of investment and must take what is left. over.
Date published: 2014-07-28
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Flashboys Another engaging and illuminating tale describing the unethical behaviors behind Wall Street insiders gaming the system to make enormous profits at the expense of all investors while adding no value... hopefully the book and some of the efforts related in it might result in cleaning up the system, at least until the self serving rats figure another way to fleece everyone.
Date published: 2014-07-27
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Flash boys Very interesting presentation of the dilemma facing regulators of supposedly free markets. For markets to be free, all participants must have the same information at the time of trading. Because HFT have used technology to recover and act on information faster than anyone wishing to trade as an investor on the market, the markets are no longer free. Changing regulation by adding more rules only compounds the problem because HFT would simply game the new rules to preserve their advantage. What is interesting in this case is that Brad and his team adopted a principled approach in trying to solve the problem. Rather than make more trading rules to counter inefficient behaviour, they created an exchange with fewer rules but based on the principle of fair trading. Good luck to them.
Date published: 2014-07-27
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Shocking expose of market practices Wall Street is rigged in so many different ways. It has always been that way to some extent but the advent of high speed communications and certain well meaning changes to sec oversight have created conditions where high frequency traders have been able to make billions from investors large and small. This book is the story of how a small group of individuals recognized that this was going and took steps to neutralize by risking to create an informal exchange. I must say I didn't completely understand all the technical jargon (and I consider myself fairly knowledgeable) so a second reading is in order. I know that many market participants are very unhappy about this book, but I guess I would be too had people proven that participants in the financial market we hold so dear were systematically enriching themselves at the expense of everyone else.
Date published: 2014-05-10
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Flash Boys Michael Lewis has become better with time with his wonderfully colorful writing. He was already good when he first started out with Liars Poker, but I have enjoyed most of his books since. Flash Boys is another great read weaving together a story that is not only difficult to tell and make interesting. I have enjoyed the story telling style for a non fictional piece, making it easy for me to read it despite my other demands for time. Wall Street has become increasingly complex, mysterious and probably uncontrollable. Shudder to think what next; has the financial ecosystem become more dominant and unstabling.
Date published: 2014-05-09
Rated 5 out of 5 by from A must read - U.S. Markets explained Reading like a first-rate thriller, this book explains in simple terms how electronic markets work and why it is currently gamed against the individual investor. It also shows what can be achieved, when principled individuals decide not to play by rigged rules and instead try to bring back fairness in the system. Once I started to read this book, I could simply not put it down until I finished it. It should be on every one's reading list.
Date published: 2014-04-20
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Flash Boys Worthwhile read if you wish to understand how government oversight of industries means nothing. It is very heartening to know that people like Brand and others mentioned in the book care about a fair market where most have a fair and equal chance to make "honest" money.
Date published: 2014-04-19
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Another great book by Michael Lewis A Very book good into the world of high frequency, how it works and why it needs to be stopped. Like all of Michaels books I couldn't put this one down and finished within days. Highly recommended read. Good luck to IEX! And thanks Brad for fighting for a fairer market. He's like a modern day hero for us small home investors. R.M.
Date published: 2014-04-06