Forgiveness: Your Key to Harmony and Inner Peace

August 26, 2020|
Forgiveness: Your Key to Harmony and Inner Peace by Laura Throne


Have you ever experienced a wake-up call – a profound, transformative event – in your life? Or are you living your life on autopilot, unconsciously focused on material possessions while neglecting your soul, your feelings and your intuitions? Forgiveness: Your Key to Harmony and Inner Peace will take you on a fascinating journey through the author's real-life experiences as she provides practical advice to achieve a more intentional, conscious and aware approach to life. It will show you how accepting change and facing the unknown can create wonderful new opportunities.

This memoir details the author's own wake-up call about how she restored her emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing after a devastating, miserable marriage, and regained her physical health after a chronic disease. Her story will help you discover small miracles in your everyday life you can be grateful for. See how difficult life situations and challenges can help your soul grow and evolve so you can reach your true potential. When you follow your instincts, allowing your inner voice and higher self to lead you, everything becomes possible. Believing in yourself, trusting the Universe and accepting that everything in your life serves your best interest – and supports your spiritual and personal growth – will make your life easier, filled with happiness and peace.

This memoir will help you to remember that you are loved, worthy and complete. In the same way, you are valuable, powerful and significant in this world. Practicing forgiveness liberates your soul and sets you free, and kindness fills your heart with joy.

Title:Forgiveness: Your Key to Harmony and Inner Peace
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:August 26, 2020
Publisher:Tellwell Talent
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780228824473

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