Going Horizontal: Creating A Non-hierarchical Organization, One Practice At A Time by Samantha SladeGoing Horizontal: Creating A Non-hierarchical Organization, One Practice At A Time by Samantha Slade

Going Horizontal: Creating A Non-hierarchical Organization, One Practice At A Time

bySamantha Slade

Paperback | November 27, 2018

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Hierarchy in organizations is obsolete. There is a better way: one that increases the engagement of employees and managers alike, reduces micromanaging and other limiting approaches, and promotes organizational and individual success.

In this book, self-management expert Samantha Slade presents seven concrete practices to help your organization flatten its existing hierarchy and develop a horizontal organization. The result will be enhanced creativity, greater growth, and a increased employee retention and productivity--and a better bottom line.

These days, more than ever, successful organizations must respond quickly and nimbly to change--they need every employee's best thinking. A horizontal organization creates an environment of true collaboration, respect, and openness. It allows everyone more freedom to express unconventional ideas or to work through issues that are getting in the way of organizational goals. And it's a more human way to organize--after all, we function perfectly well in our day-to day lives without someone telling us what to do.

But when an organization decides to go horizontal, it can be overwhelming for both managers and employees. Slade offers a practical, proven, incremental method to help organizations of all kinds and sizes ease in to a non-hierarchical model. She includes techniques for using your organization's purpose to stay focused and aligned, developing shared decision-making, creating a mutual feedback culture, nurturing autonomy, holding co-managed meetings, and maintaining an environment of collective learning.

Going Horizontal will help organizations become more adaptive, collaborative and innovative, which is vital in today's highly competitive and constantly-evolving world.
Samantha Slade is the cofounder of Percolab--an international consultancy--and Ecolab, a co-working coop in Montreal. Both organizations are experimental fields for new operational ways, from collaborative general assemblies to self-managing compensation models. Slade has been exploring new collaborative models for twenty-five years, a...
Title:Going Horizontal: Creating A Non-hierarchical Organization, One Practice At A TimeFormat:PaperbackDimensions:192 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.67 inPublished:November 27, 2018Publisher:Berrett-koehlerLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from I RECOMMEND THIS! GOING HORIZONTAL 
I have just finished reading Samantha Slade's first book, Going Horizontal. In a few words, it is fresh, healthy, nourishing and leaves me only to await a sequel as I can foresee a collective interest in such a welcoming and conscientious line of thought. 
 And now for more than a few words! 
Please don't let the whimsically playful jacket and cleverly creative illustrations by Paul Messer fool you into thinking that this elegant presentation is to be pooh-hoohed! Samantha has managed to take the major concerns and considerations of the classical hierarchical organizational world, flattened them down softly with the wisdom and learning of her personal experience, research and practice as an employee, student-of-life, entrepreneur and caring human being to serve up something really delicious! 
In her down-to-earth language and practical approach to viewing work as a microcosm of life (and living), Samantha gently places us in a context that speaks of acceptance and makes us feel like we matter! She brings us to realize the goodness and trusting nature of humanity and believes these qualities are indispensable if an organization hopes to grow itself with integrity and sound moral and ethical principles. From the opening chapter there is a freshness, a crispness to the setting - like you want to be part of this amazing experiment! There is a 'commons' sense naturalness to Samantha's hope for the horizontally aligned worker. There is an unspoken desire for the potential of each participant to optimize his or her talents and abilities to the benefit of all. She provides a treasure of practices which can magically place the future worker in the present organization! 
Going Horizontal is like walking into a fragrant autumn orchard, plucking a ripe apple from a tree and crunching into its juicy crisp freshness; whereas the classical hierarchical working class must settle with grabbing a stale apple from a plastic bag bought at a super duper grocery store shipped in from a sprayed farm thousands of miles away. It's that different! 
And it's that dramatic an effect as you continue the chapters in the book. The anecdotes and examples Samantha uses in her writing demonstrate the principles of her thought with believability and makes you want to bite the worm were you a fish. 
The deliciousness of the buffet she serves up is there for us to enjoy in each chapter. There is no force feeding. We are simply invited to partake; to taste, to try, to swish it around on our palates. Every little morsel ingested feeds the self and learning is always a by-product no matter the result. 
 Although I am newly retired, the ideas and suggestions in Going Horizontal almost seduces me into wanting to return to the work world. It would be kind of fun to try out some of the practices Samantha offers. And I would definitely give a copy to my boss! But I say almost because I really wouldn't have to return to work. It is great to see that many of the practices she describes can very easily be instituted in everyday life with friends, family, and even people we meet in our social situations. It is a very versatile and emboldened teaching. 
Going Horizontal is a package of honest concern for the future worker and working environments. It is a gift to the world from Samantha Slade wrapped up between the covers of a book. You may even want to go horizontal under the covers yourself to partake of Samantha Slade's literary feast and Paul Messer's playful desserts. It will definitely not put you to sleep! 
I would highly recommend it; you will not be disappointed! 
Denise Aucoin River Ryan, NS
Date published: 2018-11-10

Editorial Reviews

“Individual practices can shift entire systems. In Going Horizontal, Samantha Slade provides all leaders with individualized access points to leverage their unique experience to shift not only their organization but the entire leadership paradigm.” —Susan Basterfield, thought leader on the future of work, author, and member of Enspiral   “Samantha Slade brings the keen eye of an anthropologist to the study of organizations and succeeds admirably in highlighting truths about our collective humanity and how to do things better. Welcome to the self-managed workplace of the future.” —Doug Kirkpatrick, US Partner, NuFocus Strategic Group, and author of Beyond Empowerment   “Samantha Slade offers a much-needed alternative to our current systems of organizing. Her book is as refreshing as it is personal and will be indispensable for those looking to bring more humanity into their organizations.” —Joel Bothello, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University   “Thank you Samantha Slade, for not only showing us why rigid hierarchies are no longer fit for humanity’s evolutionary purpose, but also, how to create ecosystemic, horizontal organizations instead. For those who feel trapped inside organizations that treat people like morons or machine parts, help is at hand.” —Stephen Huddart, President & CEO McConnell Foundation, Canada   “Going well beyond horizontal theory and concepts, this work is social practice in action; a wonderful companion for anyone who senses that reconnecting with our true human nature in our work is the only way forward.” —Mary O’Keeffe, Director, Loomio (New Zealand)   “Samantha Slade offers a much-needed alternative to our current systems of organizing. Her book is as refreshing as it is personal and will be indispensable for those looking to bring more humanity into their organizations.” —Joel Bothello, Assistant Professor, Department of Management, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University (Canada)   “This book is for anyone who’s ever wondered what the future of truly fulfilling work could look like.” —Melissa Aronczyk, Associate Professor of Journalism and Media Studies, Rutgers University (USA)   “Samantha Slade—and this book—is what the world of work needs more of. Sparky thinking, applied methodologies, and humanist principles.”  —Perry Timms, HR Most Influential Thinker 2017; founder PTHR; and author of Transformational HR (UK)   “Samantha is on the leading edge of self-management for organizations. She is breaking ground to discover and share the new ways we can work together that we are all starving for.”  —Amanda Hachey, Director, NouLAB (Canada)   “In the transformation of our society to become more human, Samantha is a reference.” —Étienne Collignon, President, TeamFactory, and learning systems teacher (France) “If there’s anyone who knows how to structure workplaces in new, more effective, more energizing ways, it’s Samantha Slade. Her book, Going Horizontal, is a masterwork in how to turn a sluggish hierarchical organization into one that’s egalitarian and alive.” —Mark Levy, founder of Levy Innovation LLC and author of Accidental Genius (USA)   “Samantha Slade has, with her own life, taken a bold journey into the landscape of how we can evolve our organizations, lead together and focus on the purposes we choose to serve. I invite you to listen to her, understand her message, be inspired and enjoy your own practice for a more humane and kinder world.” —Toke Paludan Moeller, Sustainable entrepreneurship pioneer, CEO Interchange, Art of Hosting steward  (Denmark)   “Samantha outlines in clear, concrete, and highly accessible language tested practices, ranging from the personal to the systemic, that support participatory ways of working to flatten and democratize organizations. I can easily envision this book quickly becoming a standard reference for those involved in organizational development and change design at every level.” —Rosemary C. Reilly, Graduate Program Director, MA in Human Systems Intervention, and Associate Professor, Concordia University (Canada)   “A brilliant distillation of lived experience, field research, and more academic research—transformed into simple practices to live by. It turns all the philosophical discussions about collaboration and self-organization into incredibly practical and doable practices.” —Caroline Rennie, cofounder of Gen-H (Switzerland)   “This is a brilliant field guide from a practitioner and organization designer who has dared to explore, experiment with, and engage with the new ways of working and being. This book must be in the list of essential reading for the #futureofwork.” —Sahana Chattopadhyay, Asia-Pacific thought leader on the future of work (India)   “Going Horizontal is a gift to anyone eager to see beyond the trappings of traditional hierarchy and explore new ways of working and being.” —Brent Lowe, Coach for founder CEOs, and author (Canada) “Samantha Slade shares her knowledge and experience with accuracy, wisdom, and amazing gentleness. This book and the proposed practices are a truly precious help and compass toward more horizontality in my organization.” —Damien Versele, CEO, De Sleutel (Belgium)   “Sam Slade’s Going Horizontal finally brings the notion of cocreation out of the theoretical realm and makes it practical and achievable.” —Roxane Maranger, Professor of Biology, University of Montréal, and President-Elect, Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography (Canada)   “Going Horizontal is a key piece in the field of organizational consciousness and working transformatively in the 21st century. —Melinda Várfi, Cofounder of Organik (Hungary) and Resonanz (Austria)   “Going Horizontal speaks to the three innate and universal psychological needs for humans to function optimally: self-direction, competence, and relatedness. If you want to increase the probability of having a workplace where fun, purpose, and meaning create a greater good, read this book.” —Jacques Forest, organizational psychologist; Professor, School of Management, Université du Québec à Montréal (Canada)   “The time has come for every enterprise to reimagine and redesign how it works, and Going Horizontal will be a key resource.” —MJ Kaplan, Partner, The Ready, and Board Member, Loomio (USA)   “I especially appreciate the ‘how to’ approach as this is where you will struggle most when implanting changes that are based on sharing and participation.” —Bernd Reichert, Executive Director, Executive Agency for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (Belgium)   “Samantha Slade’s mastery of group dynamics is inspiring and is at the level of artistry. What a pleasure to have benefited from her teachings.”  —Anne Charpentier, Director, Montreal Insectarium, Space for Life (Canada)   “Samantha embodies a new way of seeing work and living it, and that is how she has helped transform our organization, step by step.” —Huguette Robert, Director, and Steeven Pedneault, Social Designer, Présâges (Canada)   “More than ever, the public sector needs talent like Samantha to learn a basic human skill for our democracy: cooperation for social innovation.” —Cécile Joly, Public Innovation and Learning Lab, Public Administration (France)   “Read this book to learn how to see the world in a new perspective and develop a new set of muscles for building the commons!” —David Bollier, author of Think like a Commoner (USA)   “Discover how to step into a more mature and responsible management paradigm where human beings can get up to a different level of mastery and purpose alignment. This book has challenged my own beliefs and ideas about my responsibility to be the change.” —Ana Manzanedo, Governance Connector, Ouishare (Spain)   “Samantha embodies the principles she upholds: a profound respect of the contribution of each individual and mastery of the science of efficient collaborative processes.” —Manon Poirier, Executive Director, Quebec Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (Canada)   “Samantha Slade deeply understands the power and vitality of nonhierarchical cultures. I highly recommend Going Horizontal as a tool when developing your horizontal culture.” —Sarah Houseman, Governance Researcher, La Trobe University (Australia)   “With Samantha Slade’s book, we now have an insightful resource to help people understand how to operate effectively in this new paradigm. This is the ultimate companion for going horizontal.” —Edwin Jansen, Head of Marketing, Fitzii (Canada)   “This book is a must-read, discussing seven domains that are critical in a horizontal context.” —Ivo Bols, CEO, Irisoft Solutions (Belgium)   “Samantha’s creativity and way of being enliven the collective intelligence methods that she embodies.” —Denis Cristol, National Center of Territorial Public Sector (France)   “Samantha succeeds in opening up collaboration perspectives that are little known. She reminds us that we are never too small to act.”   —Renée Ouimet, Director, Quebec Mental Health Movement (Canada)