Hard to Believe: Death and Resurrection

May 17, 2022|
Hard to Believe: Death and Resurrection by Ross Peacock


In a story of criminal intrigue with a single fantasy element that is actually hard to believe, John’s death and Kamal’s death don’t add up because one soul still lives. He survives in the body of the other. That’s no guarantee though, as another bullet may not be far behind. Escape requires just a few people to believe and to help. It also requires a bumbling relative to play the most important role with no idea why.

A guiding character ties the story elements together. The grizzled former crimes-beat journalist brings investigative skills along with personal knowledge that reincarnation is possible and has happened before. He pursues the two-spirit survivor initially to prove his theory, but ends up becoming a critical partner for the vulnerable young family as the narrow route to escape from the gang becomes clear.

Shot-through (no pun) with humour and outrageous circumstance, the story builds to an unexpected and shocking conclusion that shows the power of love can change the lives of even the most impoverished, but has no effect whatsoever on the fates that truly set our path.

Title:Hard to Believe: Death and Resurrection
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:May 17, 2022
Publisher:Ross Peacock
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9780995975934

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