International Conference On Residual Stresses: Icrs2 by G. BeckInternational Conference On Residual Stresses: Icrs2 by G. Beck

International Conference On Residual Stresses: Icrs2

EditorG. Beck, S. Denis, A. Simon

Paperback | December 9, 2011

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Residual stresses are always introduced in materials when they are produced, or when they undergo non-uniform plastic deformation during use. The circumstances that can cause residual stresses are therefore numerous. Residual stresses exist in all materials and, depending on their distribution, can playa beneficial role (for example, compressive surface stress) or have a catastrophic effect, especially on fatigue behaviour and corrosion properties. The subject of residual stresses took form around 1970 with the development of methods to measure macroscopic deformations during the machining of materials or on an atomic scale by X-ray diffraction. These techniques have made considerable progress in the last 20 years. The meetings organized in several countries (Germany, France, Japan, etc. ) have largely contributed to this progress, aided by the numerous exchanges of information and knowledge to which they have given rise. Studies of the formation of residual stresses began more slowly, but have progressed with the emergence of increasingly realistic models of materials behaviour and with access to ever more powerful codes for numerical calculations. Two successive meetings for discussing this topic have been held in Europe. The first, held in 1982 in Nancy (France), consisted of 30 participants from 5 countries. The second was held in Linkoping (Sweden) in 1984, with 80 participants of 16 nationalities. It was decided to hold a first International Conference, ICRS, to address all aspects of the problem. Held in 1986 in Garmisch-Partenkirschen (FRG), it was an assembly of neady 300 participants from 21 countries.
Title:International Conference On Residual Stresses: Icrs2Format:PaperbackPublished:December 9, 2011Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

I. Plenary Papers.- Micromechanical approaches to modelling internal stresses.- Residual-stress effect on fracture strength of ceramics.- X-ray stress determination in ceramics and ceramic-metal composites.- II. Experimental Methods: Diffraction, ultrasonic, magnetic and mechanical methods.- An intelligent workstation for stress determination using X-ray diffraction.- Residual stress state after roll-peening of sintered Fe-Cu material.- Internal strains in machined surfaces of strongly textured Ti-6A1-4V.- Residual stress profile from grain to grain in a welding zone.- Microstructural characterization of heat-treated cold worked steels and fatigued shot-peened aluminium by X-ray diffraction profile analysis.- Judgement of residual stress field uniformity when using the hole-drilling method.- Effects of elastic anisotropy on the lattice strains in polycrystalline metals and composites measured by neutron diffraction.- Effect of partial crack surface contact on fatigue crack growth in residual stress fields.- Variations in stress response curves of the Barkhausen noise method.- Determination of residual stresses in a cold rolled aluminium strip by means of a combination of chemical etching and shadow moire techniques.- Residual stress measurement on coatings and multilayer materials using the step-by-step hole-drilling method.- Non-uniform residual stress determination by a laser method.- X-ray stress measurement of very small areas on the metal/ceramics joined interface (Abstract).- X-ray diffraction focusing circle errors for a PSPC based system.- Error analysis for X-ray stress measurement at the notch.- X-ray stress measurement with W deviation.- Improvement of the X-ray line profiles in order to determine residual stresses.- The effects of displacement of the sample surface from the focusing circle on errors in residual stress determination by X-ray diffraction.- Determination of strain in moving objects by X-ray diffraction using synchrotron radiation.- The development of a transportable X-ray diffractometer for measurement of stress.- Stresses and textures measured by X-ray diffraction with PTS-Seifert goniometry (Abstract).- Measurements of residual stress in carbon fibre composite materials using X-ray diffraction.- Calculation of X-ray elastic constants in isotropic and textured materials.- Calculation of X-ray elastic constants of textured materials using Kroner model.- Use of the vector method of quantitative texture analysis for the measurement of residual stresses.- Warren-Averbach analysis of X-ray line profile (even truncated) assuming a Voigt-like profile.- Analysis of the plastic deformation in single grains of polycrystalline materials (Abstract).- Demonstration of a new instrument for fast neutron diffraction strain measurements.- Neutron strain radiography.- Measurement of residual stresses in railway rails.- A comparison of finite element analysis with neutron and X-ray measurements of residual strains in stainless steel.- Diffraction elastic constants as determined by means of X-ray and neutron diffraction.- Principle and applications of stress measurements by ultrasonic Rayleigh waves.- Wave propagation in laminated beams with residual stresses.- Magnetoelastic testing of uniaxial and biaxial stresses.- Use of Barkhausen noise in testing for residual stress and comparison to conventional techniques (Abstract).- Measurement of residual stresses of the welded carbon steel plate by magnetic method using contact type sensor.- Technique for processing experimental data from Sachs boring out tests.- An estimated method for measuring the internal residual stresses.- II. Experimental Methods: Residual stresses in ceramic coatings.- Residual stresses in ceramics.- Residual stresses in tool ceramics and their influence on tool life.- Simultaneous determination of residual stresses in a thin alumina layer grown by oxidation on a NiCoCrAlY alloy and in this alloy.- A new model of stress generation during scale growth limited by cation/vacancy diffusion.- Residual stresses and residual stress distributions in TiCN and TiN coated steels (Abstract).- Residual stresses and strength of cemented carbides coated with TiN by plasma CVD process, comparing with that of thermal CVD process.- Elastic constants and residual stresses in ceramic coatings.- Evaluation of residual stresses in noncompact surface layers.- X-ray stress measurement of Si3N4 ceramics.- Modelling of complex stress systems and the provision of a unified structure model for titanium nitride coatings.- An X-ray study on the residual stress and fatigue characteristics of titanium carbide coated steels.- Elastic constants of ceramics for X-ray residual stress measurement.- Calculation of X-ray elastic constants of aluminum oxide ceramics.- X-ray elastic constants and residual stresses in chromium oxide layers.- The X-ray elastic constants of alumina: influence of elastic anisotropy (Abstract).- X-ray measurements of elastic constants and residual stresses in alumina ceramics.- Residual stresses in Zr thin sheets.- Mechanical and microstructural investigation by X-ray diffraction of nickel oxide formed at 900°C.- Correlation between the stresses determined by X-ray diffraction and the kinetic modification associated to the growth stresses during the oxidation (Abstract).- Residual stress measurement in advanced ceramics.- Stress and high temperature resistance of superalloys protected by LPPS coatings.- X-ray diffractometer stress measurements for power plant field applications.- Nondestructive measurement of welding residual stresses by acoustoelastic technique and prediction of fatigue crack growth.- III. Generation Of Internal Stresses: Modelling and calculation.- Modelling of the mechanical behaviour of steels during phase transformation: a review.- Second order residual and internal stresses in microinhomogeneous granular materials under thermomechanical loading.- Calculations of internal stress and strain distributions for duplex structure.- Interactions between transformation plasticity and strain hardening phenomena in steels.- FEM calculation of the micromechanics of a diffusional transformation.- Computational investigation of the anisotropic elastic-plastic material behaviour of fiber-reinforced metals as influenced by residual microstresses.- Residual stresses in metal matrix composites.- Homogenized finite element modelling of thermal residual micro-stresses in discontinuously reinforced metal matrix composites.- Experimental and theoretical study of thermal stresses in thermoplastic moulded parts.- On the mechanics of solidification.- The role of deformation history effects in generation of residual thermal stresses.- Prediction of residual stresses in grinding operations on the basis of mathematical models.- The influence of different geometrical and thermal boundary conditions and the phase transformation on the residual stress state in railroad rails after heat-treatment.- The generation of thermal stress and strain during quenching in sodium polyacrylate solutions.- Calculation of stresses in a 970 mm diameter forging, comparison with measurements.- Numerical study of some types of distortions due to quench of carburized steel pieces.- Experimental and numerical study of residual stresses and strains in an electron-beam-welded joint.- Transient and residual stresses in a single-pass butt welded pipe.- Transient temperature fields and residual stress fields of metallic materials under welding.- Finite element analysis of welding residual stress.- Computer modeling of open crack formation in thin wall steel castings.- Temperature and viscoplastic stresses during vertical semi-continuous direct chill casting of aluminum alloy.- A constitutive model for shape memory alloys.- Intergranular residual stresses in plastically deformed polycrystals.- Measurement of overall internal stresses during biaxial creep tests: evolution of the stored energy.- Second and third approximation in the flexure study of a pre-twisted bar of elliptical cross-section.- Residual microstress development in steels after tensile deformation.- Experimental study of residual macro- and microstresses in aluminium based composites.- Calculation of internal stresses and strains induced by heat treatments in large-size forgings and search for a parameter indicative of the fracture danger.- Redistribution of residual stresses and dimensional change (Abstract).- Calculation of residual stresses by means of a finite element thermoelasto-plastic model.- Prediction and minimization of residual stresses in quenched aluminium alloy die forgings.- The generation of thermal stress and strain in certain experimental oils.- Generating of internal and residual stresses in steel workpieces during cooling.- A simple check of materials data used for stress calculations.- Quenching stress of carburized steel gear wheel.- Evaluation of residual stresses in multilayer welds.- A theoretical prediction of residual stresses introduced by shot peening.- Numerical analysis of residual stress state in clad components.- Modelling of the shot peening residual stress relaxation in steel structure under cyclic loading.- III. Generation Of Internal Stresses: Relations Between Materials, Processes And Residual Stresses.- Separation of contributions of different origins to the stress distribution (Abstract).- Quench cooling optimisation for aluminium alloys.- Analysis of residual stresses in rolling mill rolls.- Optimization of heat treatment cycles for cast rolls based on internal stresses calculations.- Study of residual stresses induced by a pulsed laser in steels.- A study on residual stresses of two laser localized hardened steels.- In situ X-ray measurements of the residual stress relaxation of hardened Ck 45 at elevated temperatures (Abstract).- Comparison of the residual stress distributions after stress-relief annealing of welded sheets of different high strength structural steels at different annealing temperatures and times.- Stress relieving of cold drawn Cu 1.8wt% Be by an aging process.- Determination and assessment of residual stresses in a multilayer submerged arc welded joint.- Study of residual stresses and cold working generated by machining of AISI H13 steel.- Residual stresses measurements by means of X-ray diffraction on electron beam welded joints and laser hardened surfaces.- Laser heat treatment for pre-tensioning disklike rotating tools.- The effect of temperature and time on the stress relaxation of shot peened nickel based superalloy IN100.- Superficial residual stresses created by the FCAW process.- Analysis on camber of steel plates after longitudinal cutting.- Residual stresses in austenitic generator end-rings.- Retained austenite and residual stress profiles in a cold rolled dual-phase steel strip.- Residual stresses of heat treated steels with different hardness after grinding with cubic boron nitride (CBN).- Surface residual stress in cladding and alloying treatments of AISI 316 stainless steel on C40 plain carbon steel by E.B. technique.- III. Generation Of Internal Stresses: Internal Stresses and Mechanical Behaviour.- The influence of homogeneous tension and compression loading on the residual stress state of case-hardened steels.- Effect of cyclic stress and temperature on residual stress relaxation.- The influence of thermomechanical treatment on residual elastic microstrain in an aluminium alloy.- Influence of a traction stress on the hardening kinetics of aluminium alloys.- Role of internal stress state on transformation induced plasticity and transformation mechanisms during the progress of stress induced phase transformation.- IV. Residual Stresses and Material Properties: Fatigue Behaviour.- Prediction of residual stress relaxation during fatigue loading and taking residual stresses in a multiaxial fatigue criteria into account.- Fatigue with residual stresses due to shot peening: effects and evolution.- Fatigue fracture and residual stress relaxation in shot-peened components.- Fatigue crack growth retardation in an A1 alloy 2024 in a residual compressive stress field.- Thick surface layer model: life calculation for specimens with residual stress distribution and different material zones.- A reformed model for fatigue crack growth within residual stress field.- Fatigue strength and residual stresses in deep rolled crankshaft.- X-ray fractography analysis of the plastic zones of fatigue cracks.- X-ray fractographic study on fracture of a machine part.- Fatigue failure in aluminium alloy parts studied by X-ray fractography.- Determination of residual stresses in cracked fatigue test specimens by neutron and X-ray diffraction.- X-ray fractographic study on the fatigue fractured stainless steels.- Compressive residual stress on fatigue fractured surface.- Influence of the microdeformations on the stress corrosion cracking of alloy 600: application of the X-ray diffraction line profile analysis.- Surface residual stress effects on stress corrosion cracking behaviour of AISI 4340 steel.- X-ray residual stress measurements at SCC-damaged welds of an ammonia storage vessel.- Shot peening of nodular cast iron.- Residual stress measurement for integrity assessment of a HP turbine rotor straightened by hot-spotting.- Stability and relaxation of micro-residual stresses during tension fatigue of a cold-rolled steel strip.- Relation between residual stresses and adhesion of hard coatings.- An X-ray study on the residual stress of shot-peened steels.- The influence of residual stress on durability of rails.- Application of practical failure to X-ray fractographic technique (Abstract).- X-ray fractographic study on impact fracture surface of alumina ceramics.- Investigation of rolling fatigue in locally predamaged areas by microscopic and X-ray techniques.- Influence of residual welding stresses on the fatigue behaviour of the high strength steel StE 690 (Abstract).- Prediction of fatigue crack growth rate in welding residual stress fields.- Effect of residual stresses on fatigue crack propagation at room temperature in a ferritic-austenitic welded joint.- IV. Residual Stresses and Material Properties: Fatigue and fracture behaviour.- Effect of residual stresses on the fatigue strength of welded components.- Effect of residual stresses on fatigue crack growth behavior of HT80 steel weldments under low temperatures.- Influence of residual stress and geometry in the design fatigue life of spot welds.- Influence of welding residual stresses on the closure and propagation behavior of fatigue cracks growing at a fillet weld toe.- Improvement of post weld heat treatment rules on welded joints.- Investigation of proposed procedures for the inclusion of residual stresses in the revised fracture sections of P D 6493.- Linear non-elastic fracture of brittle materials: role of residual stresses and application on refractories.- Residual stresses and their effect on J integral behaviour in full-scale pressure vessel test.- Load variation effect on crack growth of stress corrosion in high strength steel.- Influence of residual stresses on cracking of some ceramics.- The effect of stress induced transforming and fabricating residual stresses on the fracture toughness of Mo-Zr02 sintered composites.- IV. Residual Stresses and Material Properties: Miscellaneous.- Wear behaviour of cobalt-hardened gold coatings related to internal macro-stresses (Abstract).- Index of Contributors.