Organ Orgasms: My Experiences with Conscious Blood Flow

July 31, 2020|
Organ Orgasms: My Experiences with Conscious Blood Flow


Conscious blood flow (CBF) is about enhancing our physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing through the pleasurable and mindful exercising of your body's internal arteries and organs. This is brought about by becoming attuned to your natural abilities to just "be" and by learning to sense your interior body, and then being able to consciously direct and control the flow of your blood. And, one can orgasm many organs, hence the book's title of Organ Orgasms.

Despite the catchy (but true) title, this book is about the mystery and joy of experiencing one's existence in a unique way (an aspect of being), and about discovering our bodies and nourishing them so we can experience our lives in the healthiest and longest way possible (an aspect of wellbeing).

Thus, Organ Orgasms is really about being and wellbeing. It will enable people (no matter what stage they are at in life) to see more clearly into themselves, and then use the book as a guide in developing their own personal plan for living more joyously and healthily. Organ Orgasms is not formulaic or like other self-help books, but it will help people learn how to take care of themselves better and get them re-thinking about their purpose in life and ensure their wellbeing.

The book is written for the lay reader and includes over 150 extremely useful illustrations. Yet, it has also been cleverly crafted to meet the needs of the scholarly reader by the use of endnotes and appendices, which provide a stunning amount of scientific evidence for how the body, brain and mind work to make CBF possible.

Title:Organ Orgasms: My Experiences with Conscious Blood Flow
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:July 31, 2020
Publisher:Author Reputation Press, LLC
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781649610737

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